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Making Sense of Jewish Logic – ITEL – 6.24.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 24, 2017 began with a short update on the Qatar-Saudi/GCC rift, then discussed the recent suspension of Inside the Eye – Live! Twitter account. Hour 2 followed with updates on the Grenfell Tower fire in West London, with radio host Graham Hart joining at the bottom of the second hour to discuss his observations from within the UK. The show ended with an hour interview with Ole DammegÃ¥rd where the template for ongoing “terror attacks” and “crisis simulations” seem to travel from town to town in European countries in a never ending parade designed to create more and more anti-Islamic sentiments.

Making Sense of “Jewish Logic”

“Jewish logic”, which manifests as an outwardly vicious, gas-lighting attack on common sense and Reason, was placed into perspective against a backdrop of the recent suspension of ITEL’s Twitter account. As we see time and time again, Jews engage in conversation not for the sake of conversation, but to plod and goad people into making statements that THEY find offensive, and then use those statements to run off like little whining losers in an effort to deny people their right to free speech.

A case was brought up when a Jew said he was proud to defile “shiksas”, a Yiddish term to mean an abomination or unclean White female. Tactics of this form are common. There is a deliberate effort to push the an offensive obnoxious behavior and then whine when their behavior is called and countered. It is an issue that everyone should be aware of if they are to actively engage in discussing anything with Jews.

Adding insult to injury, Jews apparently have elevated that people engage in discussion with Jews as proof of some “harassment” of the Jew in question.

Their manners and tactics have become beyond patetic.

The Grenfell Tower Fire

The Grenfell Tower fire is perhaps one of the largest single fire disasters in the UK in recent memory. There is a huge discrepancy between what is being printed in Jewish controlled media outlets and what is believed to have transpired on the ground. Jewish controlled media reports 79 dead. Eyewitness estimates put the death toll at perhaps over 500. What everyone keeps asking (and noone in Establishment circles is answering) is, “Where are the victims”?

The “Establishment” is trying to bury the story The people want answers.

Graham Hart joined from Cornwall, UK, to discuss what is a major event unfolding in the U.K.

Ole Dammeg̴rd РTerror Templates

Noted researcher, author, and speaker Ole DammegÃ¥rd joined ITEL from Spain to discuss the ongoing “wave of terror” spreading across Europe and how a percentage of the higher profile “terror attacks” are really staged events utilizing assets from the “crisis simulation” cottage industry.  Hear how modern day “terror troubadours” travel from town to town spread their agenda of terror and fear.

You can visit Ole’s website, Light on Conspiracies, here.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 6.24.17