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Marianne Azizi, Author, “Sour Milk and Stolen Honey” on ITEL Radio – 1.17.15

Marianne Azizi, author of “Sour Milk and Stolen Honey” was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, January 17, 2015, to discuss her experiences with her conversion to orthodox Judaism and subsequent immersion into the very real and nasty realities of Jewish family law in Israel.

This interview was an eye-opener for many and proved to very well received.

Conversion to Orthodox Judaism


Marianne Azizi is a British citizen. Having me and wanting to marry a Jew, a decision was made prior to her marriage that Marianne would convert to orthodox Judaism as her husband wanted her to have “Jewish children”.

Utilizing the services of a “gray market” fast track conversion process that allowed the conversion to be completed in less than a month, when otherwise the effort might take years.

The conversion, certainly the after effects of the conversion, would prove to be irrevocable and have life changing consequences.

As part of her conversion process, she was forced to write a letter confirming her hatred for all Christians and to reject her birth family. This letter was read aloud before the rabbi’s gathered to approve the complete conversion.

Divorce and Remarriage – an Introduction to Family Law in Israel


Marianne’s wedding lasted 10 years, and some 7 years after her divorce, her husband sought to have their son “Bar Mitzvah’d” in Israel, which meant that Marianne had to make a journey back to Israel.

It was a fateful decision.

Upon Marianne’s return, she found herself involved in a relationship with her former “best man”, who, like her, was seeking a divorce from his wife.

According to Marianne, divorce is supposed to be granted upon request, but in the case of Marianne new husband to be, this was not the case. Using all manner of deceipt, fraudulent claims, and perhaps a little “wasta”, getting people “inside the system” to assist in helping achieve a given objective, the wife of Marianne’s husband to be essentially kept them hostage for nearly four years.

But that was just the start of the nightmare.

Israeli Family Break-up Laws

Marianne and her future husband, Ilan, were eventually married, but it was after this event that Marianne came face to face with something we in the West have very little knowledge about: Jewish family law as it pertains to separation and divorce.

As discussed by Marianne, in Israel, all rights and privileges inures to the woman. This revelation is in stark contrast to what many of us generally believe, as alluded to here.

The darker side to Jewish culture regarding divorce, as witnessed by Marianne, has largely been kept out of Western narratives.

As Marianne describes, the very real truth to the matter is that men in Israel have virtually no rights. Men run a huge risk of being held hostage in Israel by the courts or plunged into poverty as a result divorce.

Children are also massive victims in Israel, and abuse of children as a result of family break-up or economic breakdown such as loss of income of the parents can result in the children being taken from their homes and put into institutions.

Forced drugging of children (Ritulin) is rampant.

For men who are held hostage by the laws of the Jewish state, and there are many tens of thousands of men in this situation, a black market exists to aid and assist men to escape from Israel, be it via camel, boat, etc.

To sum up the attitude of the state of Israel towards fathers in Israel, this quote sums up Jewish society succinctly,

We don’t care if any man dies in Israel a pauper. We will pay for the children. But he will never breathe the air outside of Israel if he has money.

The interview is an absolute wealth of information that is definitely worth a listen. Marianne’s story is not just a personal story, but a story that is rampant to the point of being an export market where the “State of Israel” has created a billion dollar market.

You can hear the entire interview here:

Marianne Azizi on Inside the Eye – Live! – 1.17.15

Show Wrap-Up – ITEL Radio – 1.17.15


The first hour included a monologue on the absurdity that surrounds the “We are Charlie” nonsense that drew some 1 million plus largely clueless citizens to the streets in Paris.

What should remembered clearly here is the that this phenomena called “Charlie Hebdo” was a scum-bag operation. Under the guise of “free speech”, the trash that worked at Charlie Hebdo served purely Jewish interests.

The primary target was Arab and Muslim emotions to react against a Christian Europe to create a “clash of cultures”. What the Jews behind “Hebdo” sought was to create a mess in Christian Europe that Christians would be forced to “clean up” and it was rather poignant and fascinating that after the event, it was Christians left having to deal with the mess while Jews hid behind a wall of 10000 deployed soldiers and security personnel.

Make no mistakes: Charlie Hebdo and the efforts and intent behind Charlie Hebdo was a very Jewish operation. It did not tolerate anything that attacked Jews in the same manner that this Jewish operation sought to attack everyone else in society.

It’s purpose was to foment hate between Islam and Christian Europe by appealing to ideals of “free speech” that Jews themselves are so eager to spit and stamp upon.

Have you not tired of “anti-Semitism” and attempts by Jews to prevent speech in all manner and form and yet Jews want society to focus on “Islam”?

Quite pathetic.

You can hear the entire show here, including an interview with “Noor Al Haqiqa” regarding her blog, Snippits and Snappits and her 9 year journey to awareness of the political forces affecting all of us.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 1.17.15