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Mark Emery, Lighthouse Liberty Club – ITEL Radio, 7.23.16

Mark Emery from the Lighthouse Liberty Club, guest appeared from Panama to discuss his efforts at raising awareness of the necessity for individuals to the various forms of laws that govern the “government” and “the people”. Mark shared some of his experiences in the US Patriot Movement, including his time associating with the “Montana Freemen“, his being subjected to a SWAT raid while in his residence, and his time developing “law clubs” designed to aid individuals to understand the complexities of the legal environment.


Mark also discussed his ongoing efforts with his Lighthouse Liberty Club and Freedom 4 All, a fund raising effort intended to raise funds for elucidating government assaults on the individual.

Mark Emery is the author of “One Freeman’s War: In the Second American Revolution

” which is available in paperbook at

Quite a bit in this interview, which was marred by some technical issues with the Skype connection. You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Radio Interview – Mark Emery – 7.23.16

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