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Marshall Schroeder, Credit Resolution Systems on ITEL Radio – 7.18.15

Marshall Schroeder, author of “HOW TO DEFEAT ANY DEBT COLLECTOR & REPAIR YOUR OWN CREDIT REPORT“, joined Inside the Eye – Live! in hour #2 to discuss his work over the past 10 years in helping people resolve their issues with debt collection agencies. These 10 years of experience, and the success of Marshall’s efforts, has necessitated the writing of the book due to the reality that the market is so large and Marshall can only assist a minute percentage of the estimated 30 million Americans requiring assistance in dealing with debt collection agencies.

The Debt Collection Industry – A Massive Parasite on the American Republic


The show began with a very simple premise: debt that being attempted to be collected is not really “debt”, but rather “alleged debt”, because debt collection agencies really have no proof that they were a party to the original debt. What debt collection firms do is buy the bad debt for around US$.04 on the dollar, and then use these lists to attempt to collect on the debt through a series of misrepresentations and frauds and do so in a manner that destroys lives, marriages, families, or worse.

The market is huge.

According to a report authored by members of The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia entitled “The Economics of Debt Collection“, the industry employs over 140K and affects over 30 million Americans. It is a huge “bottom feeding business” that plies its trade on those whom they have no real right to seek redress from.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


The process/business of “debt collection” is governed by a law called “The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – FDCPA”. However, the reality is that a vast number of the debt collection companies do not bother to follow these laws. “HOW TO DEFEAT ANY DEBT COLLECTOR & REPAIR YOUR OWN CREDIT REPORT” gives step by step directions as to how to ensure that credit collection firms are forced to be under the mandates of the FDCPA.

One of the most important steps a person being hounded by debt collection agencies is to be proactive and RESPOND. The very first step is to send a certified letter disputing the debt, which now places the debt collector under the laws and regulations established under the FDCPA.

This step, and quite a bit more, was revealed in this very informative interview.

HOW TO DEFEAT ANY DEBT COLLECTOR & REPAIR YOUR OWN CREDIT REPORT” “empowers” people by providing knowledge and reasoning required to effectively eradicate credit collection companies from incessantly hounding the consumer as well as providing insights as to what happens inside the court as well as how to collect money from the debt collection companies.

HOW TO DEFEAT ANY DEBT COLLECTOR & REPAIR YOUR OWN CREDIT REPORT” is available for US$29.95 plus shipping and handling from

Fascinating and fun information. You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Marshall Schroeder – 7.18.15


Show Wrap-Up – Inside the Eye Live! – 7.18.15


In hour number 1, we discussed the perils of relying on “security personnel” to decide the macro direction of social interactions. In the name of “security”, tremendous resources are expended and direct damages and costs incurred by nearly all sectors of social strata.

In hour number 3, Kevin MacDonald joined Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss some of the latest developments in national and international race relations and the quickening implementation of agendas designed to destroy the cultural and institutional constructions of “White civilization”.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 7.18.15