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Massacre in Gaza – A New Nakhba – ITEL PT – 5.17.18

Inside the Eye – Live! and Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! returned to Amman, Jordan on Thursday, May 17, 2018 on week that saw Jews massacre dozens of Palestinians and injure over 10K in what can only be viewed a most sinister and criminal example of cowardice on a global scale.  The massacre occurred on Monday, May 14, 2018, in what was a legitimate protest by Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp seeking to break what is one of the most severe and draconian sieges by an occupying state against a defenseless population.

In a return to Jordan, The Fetch met up with a Palestinian who was quick to point out that he, as a little child, was displaced by Jewish terrorists in 1948.

The “right of return” remains a sacred held belief within the Palestinian community.  To this day, many thousands of Palestinians maintain keys to their homes stolen from them by marauding Jewish terrorists hell bent on creating their nirvana, a hell on Earth where evil survives and manifests in so many forms of overt expression.

This latest expression of evil resulted in the literal sniper fire of caged defenseless people in what can only be viewed as a new form of macabre and cowardly Jewish sport.  Their Torah and Talmud live, which clearly shows that no others shall be permitted to do so.

Listen here.

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! 5.17.18