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Max Igan, The Crowhouse, on ITEL – 12.6.14

Max Igan from The Crowhouse joined Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, December 6, 2014 for the second hour of the show. Max is an independent film producer, artist, musician, and host of the radio show “Surviving the Matrix” on the American Voice Radio Network.

The conversation revolved around current domestic and international political dynamics and a short discussion of Max’s video work and upcoming projects to close the show.

Politicians as Employees and the Principle of “The Moral Compass”


To begin the conversation, Max discussed some of the very basic truths of politicians and the people. At the end of the day, politicians are employees. They are paid a salary and earn their income just as everyone else who is productive in society.

Further, not only are politicians employees, but just as any employee in the private sector, employees in the public sector are endowed with inherent qualities and capabilities that directly affect the outcome or end product of the person’s efforts.

In the case of the modern politician and the world of politics, whether from apathy, chemical induction to the water and food supply, or programming from the media, and perhaps a combination of all these factors and more, “the people” in the Western “democracies” have largely forgone any meaningful involvement in the political system.

The end result is that the people have left the political process to a class of employee that in many cases intellectually inferior to the monied class that largely pays for the campaigns and sets the agenda for the passage of laws.

As Max stated, it is high time that people take a direct interest in the way laws are brought to the fore and enacted and hold those accountable for laws that run counter to the environment and the health and well being of the people.

Australia, A Lab Experiment in Population Control


Max Igan is an Australian and currently resides in New South Wales, Australia. In discussing the current state of the population of Australia as a political force, Max revealed that in his opinion, Australia has one of the most controlled populations on the planet.

An interesting insight is the disconnect between the perceived “wholesomeness” of Australia’s agricultural sector and the less than known truth that Australia is one of the heaviest GMO countries on the planet. In addition, Max revealed that Australia is one of the heaviest fluoridated countries.

When one adds in the political factors of laws designed to squelch any reasonable debate of the core driving issues in Australia, that being the dual agent “Israel Project” pillar. Factor in ecology, media programming, and legal intimidation (laws), what results is that Australia is a population that is perhaps one of the most controlled within the Western democracies.

A Larger Agenda in Play


Max’s view (shared here at Inside the Eye – Live!) is that there is a larger agenda in play. The primary agenda is to use “The Muslim Threat” as a means to scare Western populations into sacrificing their basic human rights – in other words, to enable a totalitarian state through the invokation of a “foreign threat”

What people should rationalize is that much of the “geopolitical shenanigans” are really just stunts being played by the West to harm both Western and Muslim peoples alike.

The result of these efforts is a defacto polarization of public opinion within the West as well as within the Muslim world such that we find ourselves in a perpetual war that has as its ultimate and primary target the very populations of the West from which these agenda’s are originating.

All in all, this was a pretty comprehensive interview definitely worth a listen. You can hear the entire interview here:

Inside the Eye – Live! for 12.6.14 – Black Friday Massacre and more


Inside the Eye – Live! for 12.6.14 featured only one guest: Max Igan. Hour number 1 provided some insights into the very real massacre that was “Black Friday” and the spin that the mainstream media has tried to use to put the massacre into a positive light.

In hour #3, we discussed the media reporting of the failed hostage rescue attempt by US Special Forces in Yemen and how one can reasonably infer that there is quite a bit more to the story that is not being told in the main stream media narrative. In addition, we covered some updates on Ukraine and the occupation of Ukraine’s government by US appointees.

An entertaining 3 hours. You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.6.14