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Mike King, “The Tomato Bubble”, on ITEL Radio – 10.25.14

Mike King, the genius behind “The Tomato Bubble“, and author of multiple books, including “The Talented Mr. Putin” and “Oprah Meets Hitler” joined Inside the Eye – Live! for the third hour of what was an exceptionally entertaining show.

A Simple – Yet Entertaining – Style

oprahhitler300x2502 For those who are not familiar with The Tomato Bubble, a title from an allegorical story written by Mike King to highlight the absurdity of the Federal Reserve debt based monetary system, Mike has a delivery style that combines short “written sound bites”, combined with liberal image usage, all combined with a bit of satire, humor, sarcasm, and more, all with the intent to reveal the irony or absurdity of any perceived reality. More, it is done in an exceptionally intelligent and concise manner that had one Mensa reader quip,

“The stunning items published on your unique website are are well informed, intelligent, funny, honest, unbiased, entertaining, true, and as shocking as thunder. So shocking, it make’s one’s butt pucker.”

The interview began by discussing just this point and how the method is both effective and efficient.

The West’s War against Russia and the “Incredible Putin”


The degree to which Jewish controlled media assets have been “targeting Putin” is not being lost on anyone who is paying attention, and we discussed some of this war against Putin and Russia.

Some of the points raised included the manner in which Putin, upon coming to office, began to free Russia from the clutches of forces allied with “The New World Order”, as well as his largely successful efforts at reclaiming the resources of Russia and returning the resources for the use of the Russian people.

Another key issue is that Putin has been highly supportive of family values which are diametrically opposed to the anti-traditional family, overt gay agenda put out by the Jewish controlled entertainment conglomerates.

From anti-Russian trends observed on such programs as professional wrestling, commercials, children’s programming all point to a full court campaign by Jewish elites to demonize Russia.

Deconstructing World War II to Understand the Political Complexities of Today


As private researcher and historian, Nike King focuses on World War II, the Federal Reserve, alternative history, “The New World Order”, and topics within this field of research. Mike King put forward the idea that all the current political and geopolitical problems the world faces today are a direct result of the actions and reactions put into play as a result of World War II.

Hence, the solution to solving the current political and geopolitical problems of today largely has much to do with reconstructing and accurately portraying our history, and in particular, de-storying what is essentially a fabricated history that is World War II.

The discussion delved into the dynamics of this false history and the implications for today as well as the potential to begin writing wrongs through a balanced and honest portrayal of the history of World War II.

Although there were a couple of minor technical issues (edited out), this interview is a great first effort and introduction to Mike King and the Tomato Bubble, a site worth the glance and support.

You can hear the entire interview here:

Mike King on Inside the Eye – Live! – 10.25.14

The balance of the show included insights on the funding methodologies of the EU and the EU’s recent “past due bill” to the UK for some EU2.1 billion, and the disingenuous protest by the UK’s Prime Minister Cameron, as well as the full interview with Tim Murdoch, aka, Horus the Avenger, here:

Inside the Eye – Live (ITEL Radio) Full Show – 10.25.14