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Miriam Al-Fatah – Libya against Super Power Media – 8.12.17

Miriam Al-Fatah, who runs the website Libya Against Supepower Media appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Miriam appeared in the third hour of the show.

Miriam Al-Fatah is a Libyan citizen who has also spent extensive time in the West. She discussed some of the history of Libya, the failures and successes of Moamar Qaddafi, some of the reasons why there was discontent with Qaddafi in Libya, the role of media, foreign intelligent and military outfits, including French mercenaries who some believe were behind a “Ukraine” and “Syria” style mass shooting of military and police personnel as part of an effort to “get the killing and regime change going”.

Miriam shared information on the three governments currently operating in Libya and the complex web of tribes and foreign states who were critical actors during and after the international assault on Libya.

All in all, a very good interview for anyone interested in issues surrounding past and current affairs ongoing in Libya. In fact, perhaps a “must listen”.

ITEL Radio Interview – Miriam Al-Fatah – 8.12.17

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Editors Note:

This article was corrected to change errors in the original draft. The original article singled out the city of Sirte as being the base for the hated Muslim Brotherhood/Turk-Jews. Additional clarification added the Muslim Brotherhood/Qatar links involved in the Misrata alliance and that it was attacks by these tribes against the tribes making up the democratically elected House of Representatives that caused the HoR to move from the national capital of Tripoli to their current base in Tobruk.

We regret any confusion/consternation arising from the previous reporting.





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