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Missing the Story – Alison Chabloz, Tommy Robinson and “Free Speech”

On the day that former English Defense League, Neocon Shiller Foundation Fellow Tommy Robinson was being arrested for violation of Britain’s strict laws regarding court proceeding reporting, an even more ominous chill swept through the land of England: Alison Chabloz, an entertainer and British Nationalist, was found “guilty” of “offending Jews”.

Mind you.

No one is siding with British “authorities” here.  The reputation of current British police and court establishments is that they are hyper friendly to the Jehovian (Satanic) world of pedophilia and worse, appear to be stooges who are bought, paid for, and beholden to global Jewish interests.

Tommy seemed to grasp the first part of the problem, that British policing authorities and government institutions were apparently part and parcel to the Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs ravaging towns in the United Kingdom.  However, Tommy remained up until his arrest, wholly silent on the reality that Jewish global interests, the same interests that control the United Kingdom, were behind the importation of these very same grooming gangs that Tommy and his supporters could be seen to rightly rail against.

Tommy and his followers are “branch whackers”, while the rising tide of rightfully indignant supporters of free speech in the United Kingdom seem to blissfully ignore or are ignorant of the “elephant in the room”: hostile Jewish political and economic power.

The massing crowds and flurry of signatures to “free Tommy” glossed over the real story: the verdict against Alison Chabloz.

The larger “free speech” supporters of the United Kingdom are steps behind.  They do not think “steps ahead”, but rather can be seen to reacting a non-event.

Tommy Robinson wasn’t “covering” anything.

He was violating Britain’s rather strict anti-press reporting laws on a trial for which the UK’s tax payers spent perhaps millions of £’s.  He was already on a suspended sentence for doing the exact same thing.  You can’t teach stupid.  He has already pled guilty and is now incarcerated while a preliminary blackout of reporting on Tommy Robinson has been lifted.

“Free Speechers” are amassing to support a criminal who supports Israel, supports multiculturalism, and is about as far from being an ethno-nationalist as you can find.  Tommy is not a British nationalist, he is a multiculturalist selling the Neocon “clash of civilization” war between Christianity and Islam.

Tommy and his merry band are just tangentially focused on the more serious issue affecting free speech in the United Kingdom.

Jews Set a Precedent to Stifle Free Speech in the UK

While free speechers march to “free Tommy”, Jews have engineered a precedent that will preclude, in Jewish thinking anyways, anyone in the United Kingdom to openly discuss those who are behind bringing tyranny to that once green and pleasant land.

This precedent, of course, is the conviction of Alison Chabloz.

Jews are not content to simply destroy individuals who challenge their world view.  Jews are intent on destroying people, and by extension, whole nations who oppose their world view.  Reporting during the trial, the Jewish News reported:

CAA chairman Gideon Falter said: “We have called for zero tolerance enforcement of the law against anti-Semitism and that is what politicians have promised, but the CPS has failed to take action, so now we must act instead.”

In a statement posted to her website, Chabloz said: “Not content with ruining careers, these individuals [such as Falter] are now attempting to use the law to silence dissenters. Indeed, in my case, they openly admit it… They are applying the law to fight against what they consider to be a disease of the mind.”

That laws exist on the books that punish “antisemitism” in a country that is not a Jewish country simply highlights that Jews as a minority have risen to a position of absolute (and tyrannical) political power.  The recent jailing of Jez Turner for his open discussion of the parallel Jewish police forces known as the shomrim is another chilling example of how Jews are using the courts to suppress political expression in the United Kingdom.  Falter’s words hint well that laws being put into place by Jews are being done so to specifically enable Jews to persecute anyone who dares to  challenge Jewish world views, no matter how silly, stupid, and childish Jewish views tend to be.

This sentiment can be inferred from statements reported after the verdict of the Alison Chabloz trial was released:

He (presiding Judge Zani) said that Chabloz had “failed, by some considerable margin, to persuade this court that her right to freedom of speech… can properly provide her with immunity from prosecution in relation to each of the songs complained of”. Judge Zani said he was entirely satisfied of Chabloz’s intention to “insult those to whom the material relates”.

So while Britain’s “free speechers” are furiously rallying to “Free Tommy” who was jailed for actual criminal violations and contempt of court, virtually nothing is being said regarding the fact that Jews have engineered through the UK’s courts a precedent that you can be jailed if you “insult” a Jew, while further proposals being put forward in UK sentencing guidelines may require MANDATORY jail sentences of up to 7 years for something as innocuous as posting an article that any Jew can find “offensive”, declare it to be “insulting”, and thus open a criminal proceeding against the person who “insulted” the Jew.

As reported again in  Jewish News Online

But although the judge said that freedom of expression, particularly artistic freedom, was “an important freedom to uphold”, it was “this court’s opinion that certain historical events affecting members of the Jewish community as well as comments made of certain selected Jewish individuals (the defendant has here focused on Elie Wiesel, Otto Frank and Irene Zisblatt) have been deliberately portrayed in a way that members of an open and multi-cultural society would find particularly insulting, upsetting and disrespectful”.

Free speech in the United Kingdom has been reduced to not being able to say ANYTHING that a vested political group like Jews find to be “insulting”.  A Jews “feelings” now trump the right to free speech in the United Kingdom, and the Alison Chabloz case set the precedent for what is proposed sentencing guidelines currently being put forward by the criminal court overlords in the United Kingdom.

The UK’s Sentencing Guideline committee (actual guideline available here) is currently proposing draconian sentencing guidelines for anyone that dares to cross any Jew.  Essentially, the “feelings of a Jew” are becoming the limits of what “free speech” is in the United Kingdom.  One cannot see “Talmudic Tyranny” more clearly, and the UK’s “free speechers” are wholly behind the curve.

The astute observer should note the use of the word “insulting” in both Judge Zani’s comments and as shown in the above copy of Britain’s new proposed sentencing guidelines.  What is being witnessed here is an organized coup against the British people by a hostile and foreign power.

Britain’s free speech crowd seems, to their own peril, to be ignoring the Jewish angle.

The real story here is Alison Chabloz (and Jez Turner), a clear precedent, and the linkage of this precedent to pending mandatory sentencing guidelines being put forward in the United Kingdom in what appears to be a clear coup against values written into the Magna Carta, a document created specifically to fight the encroaching tyranny the people of the British Isles are facing today.

Rather than focusing on the real issue, Britain and global “free speechers” are sloganeering “Free Tommy”.  They are led by false opposition, are behind the curve, and don’t have a clue.

See Mark Collett’s Video in support of this article here: