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News Years Celebrations, Latest Middle East News, Dershowitz, and Stories to Follow in 2015 – ITEL Radio 1.3.15

Inside the Eye – Live! began 2015 with a global whirl-wind tour of New Years celebrations, then highlighted important developments from the Middle East, then ran a brief segment on stories to following in 2015. In addition, there was a brief discussion on the legal troubles swirling around the Jewish hyper-supremacist, Alan Dershowitz, followed by nearly an hour of listener calls.

The show was a good start for 2015.

Happy New Year – 2015!


In keeping with Inside the Eye – Live!’s efforts to blend current events with cutting edge political insights, the show began with a recognition of the just turned New Year 2015 with a whirl-wind tour of global New Year’s welcoming celebrations.

From Sydney, Australia, which experienced a global television viewership of over 1 billion people, to culturally important geographical placed national themes as the UK’s fireworks display set against the “London Eye” on the River Thames”, Frances fireworks display along set against the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees Avenue, or Moscow’s fireworks over St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, or Germany’s show set against the Brandenberg Gate, national celebrations offered a chance for nations to proudly display their cultural uniqueness in a festive atmosphere.

Revelers along Brazil's Copacabana Beach - source, Latin Times

Revelers along Brazil’s Copacabana Beach – source, Latin Times

From Dubai’s stunning record breaking LED light and fireworks show to the 1.5 million revelers lining Brazil’s Copacabana Beach, nations the world over rung in the New Year with massive display’s of festivity.

Middle East News to Start 2015


The Middle East, operating largely on the Islamic Calendar, does not participate in the global “New Year’s” celebration. Qatar, for instance, does not recognize New Year’s Day at all. The day is a regular work day and has little to no recognizable meaning in Qatar society.

Consequently, aside from the UAE and Dubai in particular, the coming of the New Year is a far more subdued affair.

In Saudi Arabia, the New Year found itself suffering a near 5% loss on the TASI (Tadawul All Stock Index), Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange, as the 90 year old monarch King Abdullah was admitted to the hospital for proved to be a case of pneumonia.

Moving forward, however, Saudi Arabia sent in a delegation to Iraq to discuss the technical and logistical issues of re-opening an embassy in Baghdad and a consulate office in Kurdish Erbil.


Meanwhile, in Syria, President Assad ventured to the front lines in the Damascus area to meet with Syrian Army forces fighting against the Israeli/US/Western proxy invasion forces known locally as Da’esh.

Although casualties in the Syrian conflict are difficult to nearly impossible to ascertain, the conflict is one of the many on the front lines against “the Empire of Chaos”.

Big Oil and Ukraine – Two Key Stories for 2015


As 2015 rings in, there are a few critical stories to follow and at Inside the Eye – Live!, we maintain that two of the most important stories to follow are: Oil and Ukraine.

The reason for oil is multi-faceted. Oil is unquestionably a key economic engine, not just as an expense for energy, but also a driver for investment and advancement in technology.

As the price of oil falls, economic viability of alternative energy resources lose economic viability. In other areas, oil is a key revenue for national economies and thus lower oil prices inevitably will lead to lower spending, and with that, lower economic development.

Yet, the hidden and most dangerous risk is from Bankster counterfeiting in the form of “derivitives”. These “notional value” instruments are really nothing short of legalized counterfeiting by independent banks and investment banking firms.

Major “too big to fail” banking interests have created (counterfeited) some 280 trillion in derivatives, of which 14 trillion (the size of the USG federal budget) is in commodities. Of this 14 trillion in counterfeit money, 3.9 trillion has been “gambled” on oil and petroleum related products, for which the banks have demanded and received taxpayer bail-ins/bail-outs.

Of course, we are told that Jews are just so darned awesome when it comes to financial matters, yet if this is true, how are they losing trillions and demanding that tax payers cover their losses?

Is this not essentially a risk free world that Jewish bankers live within as they create instruments that are essentially counterfeit value and then demand that the taxpayer reimburse them for their counterfeit losses?

Dershowitz – Jewish Supremacist in a Legal Spotlight

Alan Dershowitz, Jewish Supremacist, discusses underage sex charges - photo, UK Reuters Alan Dershowitz, Jewish Supremacist, discusses underage sex charges – photo, UK Reuters[/caption]

To many of us, the scandal and recent imprisonment of Jeffrey Epstein, one of America’s richest Jews, does not come as a surprise other than it appears that there are still some nationalist forces at work in the United States working against Jewish criminal elites.

Many of us recognize that Jewish society is a form of cesspool, that it holds no Jewish life as being less than human, and that non-Jews exist to be abused and used. This holds especially true when it comes to Jewish sexual attitudes towards non-Jews. Jewish involvement and leadership position in pornography is near legendary. Jewish profiting from sex slavery, especially white slaves in Israel, continues to get attention, but as most main stream news media outlets are Jewish owned and operated, the depravity of Jewish culture in this regard is often ignored. Raising eyebrows towards the raunchy attitudes of Jewish culture is something the Tribe frowns upon.

So the recent revelations and allegations that Alan Dershowitz, one of American’s most visible and recognizable Jewish voices in support of crimes against humanity by Israel against Palestinians, really does not come as a surprise – other than such charges actually made headlines.

Dershowitz, in typical Jewish supremacist fashion, is now whining that “anti-Semitism” is driving the charges against him, that he is totally innocent, and so forth.

He does not come off as credible or believable, but leave no doubt, he believes himself and at any rate, in Jewish elite circles, it is not possible for a Jew to commit a crime against a non-Jew as Jews can do what they please.

Dershowitz should be removed from Harvard pending a resolution to these charges. He should be removed from Harvard and not allowed to directly influence our young American children. Such isolation is normal for anyone that is targeted by Jewish political elites and we should apply the same tactics against DershowitZ.

Yet Dershowitz enjoys something that most of us do not: it is called “Jewish privilege”. He has been granted numerous venues to present his position and denials, including CNN, to name but a few main stream Jewish media outlets.

All of this and quite a bit more made for a very strong start to Inside the Eye – Live! 2015 season!

You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! for January 3, 2015