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Nick Spero Guest Hosts ITEL, Sat., 11.19.16, Kyle Hunt on Trump, James and JoAnne Moriarty on Libya

Nick Spero, host of the radio show “Circus Maximus”, which streams on Renegade Broadcasting Network, will guest host Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, November 19, 2016. “The Fetch” will be traveling and will return for the November 26, 2016 show. Nick Spero is a researcher from the Chicago area and has been broadcasting for a number of years. His website is “CircusMaximusShow“.


Chatroom will be open. Listener call in at guest host Nick Spero’s discretion, but should be available.

Show Wrap-Up


Hour #1 saw Kyle Hunt, owner of Renegade Broadcasting and Renegade Tribune, join as a guest. Kyle discussed the idea that the Trump Campaign is really a harnessing of Western ethno-nationalism energy as a force to control the White House, but that ultimately, Trump, in combination with the “the alt Right”, is just a new form of “Neoconservatism”. A passion filled presentation definitely worth a listen.

In Hour #2, Nick discussed the history of Breitbart and then peered into Trump’s Jewish connections and influence.

Hour #3, James and JoAnne Moriarty, who were present in Libya during the assault on the Gaddafi government.

You can listen to the show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 11.19.16