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“Noor Al Haqiqa”, Snippits and Snappits, on ITEL Radio – 1.17.15


“Noor Al-Haqiqa”, the blogger behind the popular anti-Jewish/Zionist blog “Snippits and Snappits”, joined Inside the Eye – Live! for hour number two on January 17, 2015. The interview turn out to be very down to earth and informative conversation, with incredible insights into the journey one takes from being completely unaware as to larger oppressive political agenda that surrounds much of Western civilization.

Awareness – It’s a Process of Growth


Gaining awareness is a process. Since mankind is born into ignorance, it makes sense that the process of gaining awareness starts as if one is in kindergarten, and the process of gaining awareness begins with some eye opening event that motivates the individual to begin to peer into the hidden forces that swirl around us.

Snippits and Snappits, nearly a 9 year effort in self education shared online as a “blog”, began, like most journeys, with a watershed event, the event in this case now known as “9-11”. Some 9 years later, Snippits and Snappits has reached over 5 million visitors and continues to educate and entertain.

Much of the editorial focus is on the Israeli-Palestine conflict, but Snippits and Snappits is a treasure trove of archived research material.

The Alternative Saturday Cartoons


A running feature of Snippits and Snappits is the Saturday morning “Alternative Saturday Cartoons”. As Noor stated, the reality is that the situation relative to humanity is somewhat grim, but we still need to laugh.

“Noor” is somewhat keen on the art and craft of political cartoon efforts. She believes that in truth, cartoons put out by Jews tend to quite good although at times so outrageous that such cartoons would never be posted.

Noor brought an interesting statistic to the table: at the turn of the 20th century, there were over 2000 cartoonists employed in the media. Today, that number is less than 50.

The Alternative Saturday Cartoons, numbering often over 50 per week, often tell a story that words have difficulty expressing.


Jewish Suffocation of the Human Spirit


What is getting harder and harder for Jewish control mechanisms to hide is the reality that Jews values are at their core anti-Western in theory and expression.

The mask is coming off. The hypocrisy of Jewish society is becoming unveiled.

The recent “Charlie Hedbo” story in France simply highlights not just the hypocrisy of Jewish political influence, but laws on the books that stifle expression, as well as the creation of “politically correct” climates means that Western intellectual and political expression is being rapidly undermined and in many cases, destroyed.

Canadians, for instance, are under enormous pressure to self censor themselves in deference to Jews and Jewish agendas.

People are chafing at the gaul of a people creating such oppressive conditions such that an entire population is being treated as if they are toddlers and children being instructed to sit silent and not speak.

As 9-11, the recent “Charlie Hedbo” false flag may prove to be counter-productive as it clearly highlights the differences that “the Elite” treat Jews as opposed to the entirety of various countries.

All of this and more was discussed. Noor proved to be very real and insightful.

You can hear the entire the interview here:

“Noor Al-Haqiqa”, Snippits and Snappits, on ITEL Radio – 1.17.2015

Show Wrap-Up – ITEL Radio – 1.17.15


The first hour included a monologue on the absurdity that surrounds the “We are Charlie” nonsense that drew some 1 million plus largely clueless citizens to the streets in Paris.

What should remembered clearly here is the that this phenomena called “Charlie Hebdo” was a scum-bag operation. Under the guise of “free speech”, the trash that worked at Charlie Hebdo served purely Jewish interests.

The primary target was Arab and Muslim emotions to react against a Christian Europe to create a “clash of cultures”. What the Jews behind “Hebdo” sought was to create a mess in Christian Europe that Christians would be forced to “clean up” and it was rather poignant and fascinating that after the event, it was Christians left having to deal with the mess while Jews hid behind a wall of 10000 deployed soldiers and security personnel.

Make no mistakes: Charlie Hebdo and the efforts and intent behind Charlie Hebdo was a very Jewish operation. It did not tolerate anything that attacked Jews in the same manner that this Jewish operation sought to attack everyone else in society.

It’s purpose was to foment hate between Islam and Christian Europe by appealing to ideals of “free speech” that Jews themselves are so eager to spit and stamp upon.

Have you not tired of “anti-Semitism” and attempts by Jews to prevent speech in all manner and form and yet Jews want society to focus on “Islam”?

Quite pathetic.

You can hear the entire show here, including an interview with Marianne Azizi regarding the plight of foreign men in Israel being held hostage by the Jewish government of Israel.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 1.17.15