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Oracle Broadcasting to End Business Effective March 31, 2013


Oracle Broadcasting, a pioneer in the political/news alternative media, will be shuttering its stream effective March 31, 2013. In an announcement made on-air by Doug Owen on Friday, March 15, 2013, station manager of Oracle Broadcasting and host of Blacklisted News Radio and Editor in Chief of Blacklisted, Doug stated that Oracle Broadcasting will cease to operate as of March 31, 2013, immediately following the Rebel Path Radio show with the Celtic Rebel.

Citing numerous reasons, including financial, managerial, and personal, Doug stated that Oracle Broadcasting had achieved all of its original set objectives and had exceeded them in many ways. Elements cited included forcing the alternative talk show media to “raise the bar” to keep pace with Oracle Broadcasting which pioneered the use of 64k streaming at a time when 16k voice streams were the norm.

Oracle Broadcasting, which was formed by Lee Rogers (former host of Live Free or Die Radio), Doug Owen (host of Blacklisted News Radio), and Mike Chambers (host of the Mike Chambers Liberty Garage), and others formed Oracle Broadcasting as a way to break away from the constraints put on talent by Genesis Broadcasting Network (Alex Jones) and Republic Broadcasting Network (John Stadtmiller). Oracle Broadcasting was originally viewed as a “patriot network” and has continuously broadcast for over 5 years. to remain available

Oracle Broadcasting has accumulated a vast library of content over the years. In order to allow former hosts and listeners to have access to the available library, it has been announced that will remain available for a few months to enable shows to be downloaded to private archives. The original archives will remain available at no cost and listeners are encouraged to save as much of the library as desired.

Inside the Eye – Live!, of course, will be seeking a new platform upon which to broadcast. Announcements will be made soon.