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Parkland Shooting Fallout – NRA Boycotts – ITEL – 2.24.18

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, February 24, discussed the ever expanding fallout from the shooting in the largely Jewish led and controlled city of Parkland, FL   Scoffing and mocking of apparent crisis actor David Hogg, who was introduced to the American public by CNN and proved to be a whining, conniving, dishonest spokesperson appealing to the emotions of a five year old, was countered by corporate growing corporate idiocracy that saw national companies as Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, and many, many more announce a severing of ties with the National Rifle Association.

It has yet been explained why these national companies are cutting ties with a patriotic American organization like the National Rifle Association due to an event that concocted and executed in a Jewish run and controlled town using a Jew as a shooter (patsy) to make the entire story have a “face” to it.

In addition, the story of Purim, whereby Jews praise their ability to survive owing to their ability to remain hidden within host nations, all made for an insightful bit of political intrigue relative to Jewish ideological (religious) beliefs.

This was a rant filled show most sure to entertain.

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show – 2.24.18