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Patrick Little – The Little Revolution – ITEL PT – 5.31.18

Patrick Little, candidate for the US Senate in the California primaries being held on June 5, 2018, joined Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for a special hour 1 interview to discuss his candidacy and the general threat Jews pose to the United States.  Patrick Little has come from out of nowhere and with very little apparent financial support to dominate social media in his bid to win the GOP primary to run against Diane Feinstein, a Jewish supremacist who seems to have enriched herself enormously as she has battled in the US Senate and served Jewish/Israeli interests.

What makes Patrick Little’s candidacy so intriguing is that Patrick is one of the few candidates who is unabashedly speaking out against Jewish domination in American politics.  As such, the Jewish controlled media has been skewering Patrick Little with the typical (and malicious) slurs as “antisemitic”, “neo-Nazi”, “White supremacist”, to name but a few.  Should one peer into various comments sections on Jewish controlled media, one will also often find such lame statements inferring that Patrick Little “worships Adolf Hitler” in one or another variant.

Patrick made some notoriety recently when he was forcibly removed from the GOP convention in San Diego while seeking to register for the event.  As reported in The San Diego Tribune,

As convention events were getting under way on Saturday, Little was seen trying to register at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina where the convention was happening, the Los Angeles Times reported.

According to the Times, GOP officials did not want him there.

In an exchange with Bryant, the California GOP executive director, Little tried to convince her that he belong there because he is a Republican candidate. “But you’re not welcome here,” Bryant replied. Witnesses described him as dragging and kicking an Israeli flag.

Little protested his removal with a rant shown in a video posted on YouTube. “The Republican Party of California is nothing but Zionist stooges,” Little said as he stepped on an Israeli flag.

California voters should be asking.  Why is Patrick Little “not welcome”.  The answer is because he is said to hold “anti-Semitic” and “White supremacist views”.

“There’s no room for that kind of hate speech that that man uses,” Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California Republican Party, told the Los Angeles Times, referring to the candidate, Patrick Little.

All Californians should be asking.

Who the hell is Cynthia Bryant to dismiss our voice simply because she follows Jewish Marxist politically correct doctrine as she lords over California’s Republican Party?  She is telling Americans that only Jews and their views matter and that in order for people to run for office in America that the person must first and foremost hold views that Jews find acceptable.

Such a mindset is not healthy for a republic as the United States for it is creating a defacto totalitarian dictatorship of Jews under the guise of “democracy”.  Where is the “democracy” when a person whose views are rating second in the polls is unilaterally taken out because Jews are opposed to the views?

It truly is time to smash Jews and their totalitarian bullshit that continually impede the American republic from advancing.  Patrick Little believes he has the answers, and solutions to, America’s problems.

Give him a listen.  This special “Hour 1” Prime Time! interview can be heard in full here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Patrick Little – 5.31.18

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