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Peddling Diversity – A Royal Wedding Celebrating Debauchary – ITEL – 5.19.18

As if the ruling elites were not already out of control when it comes to peddling a multitude of failures from “diversity” to “multiculturalism” to the sadistic expression of LGBTQP “rights” onto main stream humanity, off it goes with another expression of debauchery, a politicized wedding of LGBTQP “multicultural diversity” to that of the British “Royal Family”.  If ever the people of the UK needed evidence that their “ruling family” had fallen far from the star quality of previous monarchical expression, this latest wedding should have cinched the deal.

Worse, the “royal wedding”, a wedding really in name only, was highlighted by an address by the leader of the United States Episcopalian Church, the church being an offshoot of the Church of England.  The leader of the Episcopalian Church is known as “the primate”, and so we had a black bishop, er, black primate (should I capitalize the “p” in “primate”) deeply immersed in pushing LGBTQP rights wedded to anti-Western messages presiding over a “royal wedding” of what is arguably one of the more important nations that advanced Western ideology worldwide.

Yes.  The UK really has fallen so far.  The black primate, Bishop Curry, riding high on the wings of such impressive publicity, was set to return to America where he was to protest “Donald Trump” and admonish us all that only his colored people are important: White Nationalism is an inherent evil that his colored people demonize and seek to stamp out.

Apparently, the good black primate of the Episcopal Church thinks that Europeans the world over should bow down to his black ass and worship his version of Jewish centered depravity.

To the honorable black primate: “Thanks but no thanks.”

Like politicized sports, this “royal wedding” was nothing less than an advertising event for Jewish multiculturalism.  As such, like multiculturalism itself, one has to wonder of such a political marriage can last.

Then again.  Who really cares other than to use the event to highlight the war waged by LGBTQP/Jews against Western civilization.  We can add that the message was sent: “we who ware against you control the Crown”.

You can hear the entire show here.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 5.19.18