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Philosemitism – Select Rants

Today, we in the West live in an ever expanding Judaified world.  Everywhere we look, we find Jews inserting themselves into nearly ever facet of our lives.  When we reject this insertion, they scream “anti-Semite”.  Heard it all probably a thousand times or more.  Such curdles and screams are incessant.

Then there is the issue of “philo-Semitism”: those who love Jews blindly and far far too much.

For the philo-Semitist, life is a fantasy.  A fairy tale.

Jews are special and we poor Goy are just here to serve the Jew.  Jews love this mentality.  In fact, for many Jews, such doting praise and worship of Jews appeals to their inner being.  After all, they are “Chosen”.  Consequently, the lowly Goy should be worship the “almighty Jew”.  Oh, Jews will tell you this is not true.  But just try to create a world of your own without the pernicious presence of Jews!

Failure to address the real nature of Jews, their politics, and agenda is dangerous and often met with cataclysmic results.  The Jewish murder and rape of Russia, Jewish lies to involve the West in the destruction of National Socialist Germany, the rape, pillage, and murder of Germans after World War II, the Ukrainian Holodomer, and the Armenian genocide are all products of unbridled and irrational philo-Semitism.

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Jewish oppression was so sinister and evil in the Ukraine that the advancing Wermacht was viewed as a liberating force and were met with cheers and celebrations as they pushed back Jewish “Russian” forces.

Jews and their agenda are uniquely separate from the goals and interests of Western civilization.  The two philosophies, Judaism and Western Civilization are simply incompatible, and have been since Jews were caste to the winds due to, well, their inability to get along with humanity.

This select rant, “Philosemitism”, speaks about these issues.  The delivery is slow, methodical, deliberate.  But the words, like most “select rants”, reverberate with the power of truth hidden and revealed from within.

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