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Pirates of the Mediterranean – ITEL 6.23.18

Matteo Salvini, the acting Deputy Prime Minister of Italy as well Italy’s Minister of Interior, has sent shock waves across Europe as he has declared that Italy will forthwith close its ports to human trafficking NGO’s.  Already, the Aquarius, a human trafficking ship run by Doctors without Borders, was turned away.  Malta refused entry of the ship also prompting Spanish officials to accede to allow the cargo of trafficked humans to land on Spanish shores.

The new hard line stance by Matteo Salvini has opened up a diplomatic row with France as France’s President Macron accused the Italians of “cynicism and irresponsibility” in closing the ports.  Italy summoned the French ambassador and demanded an apology for which refusal to grant one may result in a cancelling of meetings between the two heads of state.

Over the years, Italy has been a favorite dumping ground for human traffickers, having landed some 700K trafficked humans since 2013.  In a recent deal between France and Italy, France was supposed to take in some 9,816 migrants but had only accepted 600.  In the meantime, France had returned some 10, 249 migrants back to Italy.

Italy has requested information from Holland regarding two additional NGO trafficking ships in the Mediterranean and has learned that these ships are, by all indications, are illegally flying the Dutch flag and as such, are, by international law, literally “pirate ships”.  They are operating in a “stateless environment” yet using German legal structures as an avenue to raise and channel funds for what is by all indications a “pirate operation”.

It seems that Interior Minister Salvini has stumbled upon a rather murky international operation wholly intended to destroy the continent of Europe.

So if these ships are owned by German NGOs and are registered in Germany, why are they flying a Dutch flag without the permission of the Netherlands? And if they’re not registered in Germany either, they are “stateless vessels,” effectively making them pirate ships. Flying a false flag compounds the problem further. What’s with all the secrecy for a mission of mercy? – source

Stay tuned.

This story, plus the nature of treason in the United States, plus an hour and half interview with Eurofolk Radio’s Paul English completed a pretty relaxed show.

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