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Protesting Parisian Jews and Jewish Gun Grabs – ITEL PT – 3.29.18

The level of absurdity coming from the Jewish community is reaching peak insanity.  A recent apparently random murder of an elderly woman in Paris, a woman who happened to be Jewish, made for an insanely stupid display of “protesting against anti-Semitism” by Jewish groups in Paris.

When asked what the protest was about, he said: “The spirit of resistance — a country that says it’s enough, you can’t accept that an old woman who survived … the Holocaust should be murdered.” – source

Apparently, Jews think that by attaching the word “Holocaust” to a random crime that somehow the whole world is supposed to bend and cry on behalf of some Jew yet it is abundantly clear that Jews are completely agnostic towards the massive number of crimes committed against Europeans as a result of Jewish imposed immigration policies foisted upon Europeans.

Truth be told, this crime was most likely just another in a string of senseless crimes that Europeans endure daily at the hands of Jewish policies that have destroyed the unity and safety of European nations.  Seeing how a neighbor and homeless man (immigrant?) was arrested, it is absurd to even entertain the idea that this crime happened just because this woman was a Jewess.

Yet you would never know that reading idiotic fake news publications as the New York Times where Jewish delusions were on full display,

“The Jews are on the front lines,” said Mr. Habib, the member of Parliament. “They start with the Jews, and afterward they kill other Frenchmen,” he said. “Jews are being killed because they are Jews. That is very serious.source”

Random crimes happen all the time, especially in a society where Jews destroy the fabric and unity of the society.  Meanwhile, Jews think that they should be immune to crimes or that they are entitled to elevate crimes they fall victim to to some level of “insidiousness” for which Jews should be treated in an exalted manner.

It is offensive beyond compare.

Numerous phone calls filled in large parts of the show, including discussions on the ongoing Jewish backed assault on the American right to bear arms (and hence be able to protest themselves from Jewish inspired tyranny).

The show closed with updates on the upgrading of diplomatic relations between Jordan and Israel as the Jordanian government agreed to accept the application for a new ambassador from Israel after Israel’s previous ambassador was recalled and sent to Israel following the murder of Jordanians inside the Israeli Embassy in Amman during a construction upgrade inside the Israeli Embassy.

A fast show.  You can listen here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! – 3.29.18