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Purim – Celebrating Jewish Treason

After a brief discussion on the recent AFED Conference in Riyadh, the show quickly shifted into a discussion about Purim, Jewish treason, Jewish whining, and the ongoing assaults against freedom of speech by Jews and their NGO’s and corporate technocracy.  The never ending and running commentary on “rising Jewish anti-Semitic incidents” enjoyed additional commentary.

An rant towards the end of the show about the follies of incessant trolling and the manner in which we address Jews and their targeted harassment against pretty much everyone.  The use of excessive trolling against an adversary was admonished as often reaching points of diminishing returns.

AIPAC, political energy, the political battlefield, all brought a fascinating and (as always) fast paced Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time!

ITEL Prime Time – 3.1.18