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R.J. Von Bruening on Inside the Eye – Live! – 6.6.15

RJ Von Bruening, author of The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch, appeared as a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! on June 6, 2015. RJ appeared in hour number 2 in a show book cased with some of the insanities of “diversity” and “political correctness” in the education system.

The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch – From Amateur Astronomer to Alternate Historical Timeline


The interview began with a discussion of RJ Von Bruening’s great interest in astronomy and how this interest merged with an observation of ancient star alignments that matched the Great Pyramid of Giza’s design. It was through running a software program that enables you to be see how the night sky appeared over aeons that RJ Von Bruening discovered a pattern that matched identically the design of the Great Pyramid in Egypt: Beltelgeuse, Aldebaran, and Rigel, 3 of the brightest stars in the sky, formed the 52 degree angle that is the design of the Great Pyramid.

The time? Approximately 175,000 B.C.

From this measurement, RJ Von Bruening theorized that the building of the Great Pyramid is far older than historically accepted and that the building of the Great Pyramid was to commemorate this event.

Ancient “Aliens”, Astronauts, and The “Fall” of “Man”

Recognizing that the Egyptian pyramids are far older than the current consensus history allows, and requires, a rethink of man’s ancient past. This requires a complete rethink of interpretations to the ancient “religous” texts that have survived to this day in whatever altered form.

RJ Von Bruening places a pantheon of “the Lord”, which would be defined in this case as “Jehovah God” at the fount, a group of “fallen angels”, who were essentially administrators, and then a third group, or “the Watchers”, a class of being able to intermingle with humanity.

Using many of the more Western centric ancient texts, RJ Von Bruening weaves a tale of how mankind has largely been a slave race designed to exploit the natural resources of Earth and that this slave condition was rebelled against by some of the “Watchers”, with Lucifer as the primary leader who sought to free mankind from slavery and instill free will among the human population.

The Book of Enoch – A Template to Understand Ancient Human History


RJ Von Bruening advances the idea that the Book of Enoch is a template for many of the belief systems held within the various Secret Societies, many of which grew up out the absolute oppression of the Vatican from the periods from between 500-1500AD.

Within the Book of Enoch, as Von Bruening advances, various “animals” serve as symbols for different forms of man, from the giants of old, the Nephilim, Cromagnon, etc. It is through understanding the “forbidden knowledge of Enoch” that one is able to better penetrate the hidden history that has brought mankind to the state it finds itself today.

The Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch is available in soft cover as well as Kindle from, as well as other fine booksellers and direct from the publisher.

RJ Von Bruening’s web properties may be found here:

The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch @ Blogspot
Twitter: @rjvonbruening

You can hear the entire 1 hour interview here:

ITEL Interview – RJ Von Bruening – 6.6.15

Diversity Gone Mad – Political Correctness and Public Education – Inside the Eye – Live! for 6.6.15 – Show Wrap-up


Inside the Eye – Live! for 6.6.15, aside from the many twists and turns and eclectic insights for which Inside the Eye – Live! is known, spent a lot of time on the insanity encircling diversity and political correctness in Western education systems.

The topic, perhaps, is confusing for some due to such issues as social programming that is being carried out largely by anti-Western Jewish interests. “The West”, via inference, refers to European standards, ideals, morals, and ethics. These countries are liberally defined as “White (Western) Russia)”, Slavic, Central and Western Europe, and the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Yes. People argue about the idea of “genocide” of native peoples, but regardless, there exists an ideal known as Western civilization, and this ideal is largely represented by what is known as “White”.

There has and continues to be a massive effort to dilute “White” communities and infuse it with foreign ideas and elements that are largely foreign to the Western Construct. This is being done through forced immigration and assimilation of other cultures.

From countries as the United Kingdom where Bolshevik apparatchiks are downgrading schools for not being “diversified enough” and of being “too British”, even as the schools are located with rural English towns, just shows the insidious agenda in play and the insanity of those who seek to carry out such Bolshevik agendas.

We also covered the story of the Dutch school where immigrants dressed in white t-shirts with the rather offensive slogan “Is this White enough for you?” as these immigrants sought to attract more White students to their school and classrooms. In addition, we discussed the burgeoning problem of black behavioral characteristics and the collapse of discipline in the classroom as administrators cater to black social traits.

A fast and entertaining show! You can hear the show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 6.6.15