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Radical Multiculturalism, Trump and the GOP Debates, Obama’s P5+1 Support Speech – ITEL Radio 8.8.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for August 8, 2015, took a decidedly sharp turn in covering developing US political developments within the first GOP (Republican) Presidential Candidate Debate as well as Obama’s foreign policy speech at the American University, wherein he discussed the necessity to conclude the Iran P5+1 Nuclear Deal in the face of Jewish efforts to sabotage the internationally negotiated agreement. In addition, Inside the Eye – Live! covered the very real problems of radicalized immigration in Europe as well as the ongoing economic war on Russia via economic sanctions.

The Black Jews of the UK


We began the show by highlighting a personal exchange between a British Muslim and The Fetch as a micro view into a larger evolving immigration macrocosm for the UK and Europe at large. Essentially, what we are seeing is that the current immigration scheme of the UK, wherein its Muslim population has expanded from 1.5 million in 2001 to 2.7 million in 2011, has resulted in a situation where pockets of immigrant population have no interest, and in fact, are even quite hostile to the culture, people, and traditions of the UK.

London is no longer a British city as British natives are now a minority in their own capital.

We discussed the growing disconnect between immigrants in Western nations and the values, traditions, and cultures that make up what is the rich and varied history of Western Europe. The problems have become so stark that Germany’s Angela Merkel stated in 2010,

“This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed” – The Guardian

Five years on from these comments and the immigration problem in Europe as escalated to beyond controllable limits with Germany having to declare “No Go Zones“, France’s Calais in total chaos, and UK citizens finding themselves being faced with Sharia No Go Zones and special Jewish “Shomrim” police zones.

In some of the more radicalized areas of Muslim Britain, where it is becoming dangerous to speak about let alone venture into these former British neighborhoods, the manner of violence, coupled with a form of violent expectation of self imposed political correctness has created the stirrings of a new label known as “the Black Jew”.

What is clear is that immigration is becoming a socially disruptive force in European societies.

Trump and the First Presidential GOP Debate – Political Correctness Enters the Debate


It is hard to argue that Thursday’s (August 6, 2015) first GOP Presidential Debate aired by Fox News was not a huge success. With television ratings of some 24 million viewers, according to the Nielsen data, the numbers both stunned television executives and shattered previous interest in such American political spectacles.

Donald Trump was largely viewed as the winner of the debate. One of his most successful moments was his elaboration on the caustic and destructive nature of political correctness, an issue that has stifled public debate in America and the world over now for quite some time.

With a couple out takes from the debate, commentary on political correctness, international bankers, and more, added for a lively second segment.

Obama’s Speech at the American University – The P5+1 Iran Nuclear Deal


In the final hour, we reviewed President (Userper) Obama and his throw-down gauntlet at the Israeli Lobby, the GOP (which largely is an Israeli-Jewish asset 5th Column), wherein Obama stated rather specifically that to not push for this deal to be passed, he would be “abrogating his Constitutional duties”. Not that he has really ever worked at upholding the Constitution of the United States, but it sounds good.

In this segment were additional audio clips and commentary.

Some commentary from the Wall Street Journal, here.

All told, this made for a lively and entertaining show.

You can hear about all of this, and more of The Fetch’s unique insights, here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 8.8.15