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Radio Wehrwolf Sponsors “The Oy Vey Moment”

Amman, Jordan – August 7, 2017

Radio Wehrwolf and has reached an agreement whereby Radio Wehrwolf and HeartlandOnline will sponsor 5 weeks of the “Oy Vey Moment”, a new segment that was launched at the start of June, 2017 and is now a regular feature of Inside the Eye – Live!. “The Oy Vey Moment” features some of the latest “whining and kvetching” from the Jewish and social justice warrior communities over some perceived slight that oft makes its way from the Jewish community into the main stream media arena.

“The Oy Vey Moment” appears at the bottom of hour number 1 and generally includes a “rant” from The Fetch regarding what is, well, an “Oy Vey!” moment!

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