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RadioITEL Announces New Social Media Channels

Inside the Eye – Live!, also known as RadioITEL (formed after the former ITELRadio was deleted by Twitter) has created additional video channels on BitChute and  Although these platforms do not have the reach of Youtube, recent efforts by Youtube to send content into their “Googlag”, a form of restricted availability that forces users to have a direct link to access the video as well as denying content producers and consumers to interact and have access to basic statistical data like “views”, means that a reliance on Youtube as a reliable and responsible business partner is simply “not on the table”.

Further, as part of an update to the RadioITEL branding, there has been an updated channel page profile picture.

Look for this new icon for the current RadioITEL Twitter, BitChute, and channels.

The new channel page links are as follows:

RadioITEL on BitChute
RadioITEL on

We encourage all of you interested in new content to add these channels to your resource. We are not closing down our Youtube efforts, but will be mirroring content which fits the file constraints of BitChute and at those channels.