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Returning Fire: The Alt-Right’s War on “Boomers” – ITEL PT – 1.18.18

In what ended a brief 2 week period broadcasting Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time! from Amman, Jordan, the Fetch zeroed in on the enlarging war by “the Alt Right” against Trump’s largest political base: “The Boomers”.  Other issues of discussion included the ongoing and expanding invasion and occupation of Syria by the United States and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s comments that the United States was going to remain in Syria to check Iran, an idea that is blatantly against international law and hardly bodes well for the Make America Great project of Donald Trump.

Tillerson: America will continue occupation of Syria

On January 17, 2018, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke before an audience at Standford University calling for an open ended occupation of Syria till such a time as the United States can instigate a regime change against the Syrian government.

Owing that President Assad of Syria has essentially won a defacto invasion of his country by the United States/Israel and related allies, and recognizing the deplorable alternative that the United States has offered the Syrian people through the many CIA/DOD proxies that have occupied many parts of Syria for some of the past 6 years, it can hardly be expected that the Syrian people are going to be voting President Assad out of power anytime soon.

As part of this long term occupation announced by US Secretary of State Tillerson, the United States is planning on creating a 30K man “border security force”.  In addition, US Secretary of State Tillerson commented that the United States will remain in Syria to check/contain Iran.

None of this strategy makes any sense from a legal point of view.  The American military is on Syrian territory without Syrian government approval.  Hence, it is an invading and occupying power.  Second, Iran, as a sovereign nation, remains free to pursue its interests with the current Syrian government, and invading Syria to counter such “influence” hardly falls within a rational, let alone legal, framework.  Lastly, assuming the United States could actually succeed in creating a 30K man “border security force”, who would they report to?  Who would be responsible for ongoing logistics to support such a massive military force?

What it appears is that the United States is seeking to create an independent Kurdish enclave in Northeast Syria while continuing with ongoing efforts to keep Syrians living in squalor.   Said Tillerson,

“We will discourage economic relationships between the Assad regime and any other country.  Once Assad is gone from power, the United States will gladly encourage the normalization of economic relationships between Syria and other nations.”

It sounds as if US policy was written for Tillerson by the Israelis and, when taken in total, represents a strategy that is dead on arrival.

The Alt-Right’s War on Boomers

To close out the show, we looked at the growing Alt Right war against Boomers.  The idea, being advanced by non-other than the Jewish run Daily Stormer, puts forward a narrative that all of the nations ills ultimately are the fault of “Boomers”, and consequently, no amount of slur and disparaging comments towards this generation is unacceptable: indeed, the more scorn heaped upon Boomers, the better.

The truth is, if it were not for Boomers, the nation would have effectively been lost in his very election cycle, and that this is so has apparently made Millennials and GenZ social justice warriors of all kinds, leftists and those claiming to be White Nationalists, very very mad.

If the survey conducted by a consortium of news organizations is to be believed, voters younger than age 45 picked Clinton over Trump, 52 percent to 40 percent. Their numbers simply were not large enough to overwhelm the preferences of those 45 and older, who went for Trump 53 percent to 44 percent. – Salon

However, trying to reach younger WN Millennials and GenZ is akin to beating your head up against the wall and expecting Moshiach to appear tomorrow.

It just can’t be done.

Hear this important and relevant show here:

ITEL Prime Time! – 1.18.18