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Richard Spencer (AltRight) on Al Jazeera

Was surfing through the Internet, primarily Youtube, and happened across a recent interview of National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer by Kristen Saloomy of Al Jazeera. For the most part, it was clear that Spencer held his own and he showed a clear improvement from previous interviews.

Questions asked to whether he was a “White Supremacist”, a “NeoNazi”, and other typical slurs that originate with Jewish anti-Western talking points were handled adroitly enough. I know I would have handled such questions differently, but still, Spencer did a good job dealing with them.

On the immigration issue, a little understanding of the Middle East might have gone a long way to showing the irrationality of Al Jazeera, a Qatari based organization, seeking to lecture or entrap and America and hence lecture Americans on the idea of “immigration”.

Spencer’s emphatic distancing of himself and the “AltRight” from Trump, the admission that PEOTUS Trump probably doesn’t even really know who or what the AltRight is. Spencer’s discussion of the massive transformation of Western European countries was spot on and to the point.

The final facial expressions of the Al Jazeera presenter was telling as Spencer made the link of how a “land of immigrants” is an embarrassment and how the “immigrant” simply wants to “wash up on another’s shores and take advantage of what someone else has built.

Lastly, Spencer’s views stopping legal immigration and granting of citizenship makes sense in a country like the United States where there are already some 94 million people under or unemployed with some 54 million of those people on government subsidies for food to feed themselves and their families.

However, he does miss a key point in his very last statement.

He says that he would be proud of a nation of “conquerors”, yet seemingly seems oblivious that Western nations are currently in the process of being colonized and conquered via a very insidious weaponized immigration scheme. Under such conditions, using Spencer’s definitions, the ongoing invasion (under the auspices of political amnesty or economic immigration) means that those involved in this activity should be very proud.

This new class of “immigrant” is engaged in submerging one of the greatest extended civilizations of the current era of man. For that, hidden political leadership (Jewish) are probably very proud.

Richard Spencer – Al Jazeera Interview