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The Oligarchs of Russia – Parallels to America on Inside the Eye – Live! 4.27.2013

Magnitsky's Widow at Magnisky's Burial

Magnitsky’s Widow at Magnisky’s Burial

Jewish dominance of the Soviet Union paved the way for its planned implosion and the ushering in of the new “Russian Federation” and the planned heist by leading Jewish elites to destroy Russian and send its population into another round of poverty. The Rule of the Oligarchs, an extension of Jewish control of the Soviet Union in the early 30’s and 40’s of the last century, was disastrous to the Russian Federation.


The total rape of the Russian economy, was the order of the day and the seeming sole driving force behind Jewish rule of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. As the 1996 elections approached, gunfire was being heard from the Kremlin in Moscow. Support for state schools and hospitals had imploded. Poverty had gobbled up 40% of the Russian people. In Chechnya, Chechen rebels had routed the former Soviet built Russian Federation Army. Wages in the far reaches of Siberia were being paid in meat or vodka.

Yeltsin’s, having survived five heart attacks, saw his approval rating plummet to 5%. It is said that Yeltsin, after losing a game of tennis, broke down in tears, crying that he “did not want to President anymore.” He was the perfect choice for a group intent on destroying Russia and becoming masters of her wealth and resources.

Davos 1996

Berezovsky with former Russian President Yeltsin

Berezovsky with former Russian President Yeltsin

The year was 1996, and the Jews running Russia as their private kingdom, were desperate to ensure the political environment to complete their control of the vast wealth of Russia. An election was happening, and returning Yetsin to power was a paramount priority.

The prevailing belief was that if the Communist’s came to power, Jewish dominance of Russian political and economic life would be put at risk or worse, forfeited.

A deal was struck in Davos 3 leading Jewish oligarchs: Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, and Guzinski. They would use their political and financial assets to bankroll Yeltsin’s victory and assure the final consolidation of Russia’s vast wealth.

As the election campaign was in full swing, the Jewish oligarch’s barred any positive coverage from their media channels. A TV blitz was organized in coordination with an American style political campaign into a country that formerly had never seen such. In typical Jewish fashion, demonic hyperbole filled the airwaves and print media with warnings of civil war. Over 1 million windows were plastered with warnings to the population to “Buy Food – it could be your last chance”.

As the results trickled in, there were more votes for Yetsin than those of the entire population. Suspicion of vote rigging naturally wafted about, but Berezovsky would never admit to such, admitting only that, “If you ask me whether the Yeltsin government used administrative resources to win, the answer is yes.”

With Yeltsin reinstalled in power, the final rape of Russia’s vast wealth could be completed.

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