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Rising Star Weekend on ITEL, January 19, 2013

Rising Stars Show 1

Saturday, January 19, 2013, we highlight some of the upcoming talent in the alternative media (news/political) world with the first “Rising Stars of Alternative Media. It should be fast, fun, and informative.

Hour #1: Jonathan Azaziah, Mask of Zion and the Mask of Zion Report on the TUT Network

Hour #2: John Friend, John Friend’s Blog, “The Realist Report” on Truth Militia Radio

Hour #3: “Siegfried”, “Call of the Ancestors”

Join us for what should be a fun and generational bridging show.

Show Wrap-up

This show proved to be quite entertaining and informative. Jonathan Azaziah was lucid. His views on multi-culturalism, the “invasion” of Islam into Europe, was directly and effectively discussed. The Shia-Sunni divide was broached, as well as recent events in the Middle East.

Jonathan filled hour 1.

John Friend filled hour two with a discussion on Sandy Hook, media manipulations, “crisis actors”, and the Great Gun Grab of 2013.

“Siegfried” filled hour three with insights on his radio show and cultural perversions galloping through the West.

The show was really fast and entertaining. All three guests did a great job, but the nod on this show goes to Jonathan Azaziah.

Listen here

or [rightclick – download]