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Robert Ransdell on ITEL Radio – 10.11.14

Robert Ransdell, White Nationalist and write-in candidate for the US Senate in Kentucky (USA) was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live on Saturday, October 11, 2014. During the interview, Robert Ransdell discussed his years of activism as a White Nationalist, Jewish power and influence, and his eventual decision to run as a write-in candidate for the US Senate in the State of Kentucky.


His campaign slogan, “With Jews We Lose”, has resulted in exposure within the Israel, and its colonial media assets within the United States such as various local television news assets as well as large dailies as The New York Daily News.

The Reality of Demographics


The State of Kentucky’s ethnic make-up, according to US Census data, shows that Kentucky is a largely white state with 88.5% of the population being white, another 8.2% being black, and the balance a mixture of ethnicities.

With such a large white ethnic make-up, you would think that the State of Kentucky would be sympathetic to a candidate seeking to represent Euro-ethnic centric representation. Robert Randsdell mentioned that the inverse is actually true: white populations who are well immersed in areas that are multi-culturally diverse are often much more receptive do to their experience with the behavior of multicultural populations.

Social Media Strategies

Robert revealed that his social media strategies are limited to a single website, The White Guard and efforts on a couple forums, and Vanguard News Network Forum where a campaign thread is active that updates Roberts efforts on the campaign trail.

Roberts general feeling is that he prefers to stay where the message is receptive (friendly) and that too much emphasis on digital technology is not necessarily a good way to reach the target audience. Instead, Robert feels that the best way to reach the audience is to physically reach out in a personal contact effort.

He states that when he is out and about reaching out to people that in general, people are very receptive and that at this stage of the raising awareness, the person to person approach is the best method to effectively reach out to his constituency.

An Eloquent and Focused Speaker


This was a very strong interview for Robert. He was very eloquent and focused and provided sound insights on a great many topics, from Jewish power that reaches all the way down to sign companies who are afraid to print campaign signs out of fear of losing business from Jewish retribution to insights on the general malaise of the population caused often out of fear of being stigmatized.

Robert’s main point is that this is a struggle for the honest and ethical political advocacy for European ethnicities and there is no substitution for hard work and consistent effort to overcome the brainwashing and fear that has been instilled in people from Jewish social programming.

It is a good interview and Robert represented White Naionalists and the White Nationalist case exceptionally well.

To hear this insightful interview, listen here:

Ronald Randsdell on Inside the Eye – Live! – 10.11.14

You can hear the entire 10.11.14 Show here, which included UKIP wins in Europe, Jewish control of SWIFT and the international flow of capital, and an intervew with Zezorro, political analyst and Internet blogger/essayist from Poland, here: