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Rudiments of Qaballa – Video Restricted by Youtube

“The Fetch” appeared recently on the Brian Ruhe show to discuss “The Rudiments of Qaballa”, explaining in some detail the rational and logical basis for language being set against mathematical matrices upon which “secret” or “coded” information may be preserved directly within language itself.  The video was promptly placed into Youtube’s “Googlag”, a restricted mode that prevents direct sharing and other direct interaction between consumers and content producers.

A follow-on article is now live on Illuminatus Observor.

For those who are familiar with “The Fetch’s” esoteric work with the English language, this video may be of interest.

Rudiments of Qaballa

(excerpt from The Illuminatus Observer)

In seeking to deconstruct language as an esoteric construction, we have many avenues available to us. One method is “basic numerology”. In these forms, letters are provided with numbers which are then added together, reduced to a single digit (reduced ordinal value) and assigned some “property” based on properties attached to number. Another is the use of rudimentary methods taken from various Qaballistic systems: namely, “gematria”. In these methods, again, letters are provided with numerical values, totaled together, and any set of words that match the equivalent gematria value are (often) automatically assume to be identical in some esoteric form or manner.

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The Rudiments of Qaballa – The Fetch on the Brian Ruhe Show

To watch this video, you can link directly to Youtube’s Googlag restricted page here:

Rudiments of Qaballa – YT Googlag Link

This entire video is over 1 hour in length, and current length or file size restrictions do not allow the video to be placed on BitChute or channels for Dennis Fetcho and the Isisian Codes.

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