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Russia’s Burgeoning Budget Surplus and Germany’s Media Implosion – ITEL 12.13.14

In a return to “vintage Inside the Eye – Live!’, ITEL for December 12, 2014 returned to 3 hours void of guests and filled with a vast amount of information as only “The Fetch” can bring. On a date of 12/13/14, you would have thought that the oddity of the sequential date would have been a topic of discussion, but alas, such was not so the case – but the show still was filled with views and curiosities all the same complete with a return of listener participation in the final third hour of the show.

Egypt – Jordan Summit and Israel Divestment

abdulla II-sisi-summit

Aside from the ever present global weather intrigue, which this week focused on the “weather bomb” that hit Scotland, and event that saw waves hitting a consistent 40 feet, Inside the Eye – Live! looked into the just finalized “Egypt-Jordan Summit” between Egyptian President Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II. There was not much news from the summit aside from the standard declarations of shared interest in cooperation on various fronts, including the “War on Terror’, the “Israel-Palestine Peace Talks”, among others.

The breaking news for the Middle East was not in the Middle East, but rather in the United States where the UAW (United Auto Workers) 2865, which represented some 13000 student employees working within the University of California system, voted overwhelmingly to recommend that the University of California’s pension funds divest from any and all investments in the global Jewish project called ‘Israel’.

Some 2160 students voted for further BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction), with over 65% voting to recommend BDS, while a small majority, 53% if the 2160 voted to


take a personal and non-binding pledge not to participate in research, exchanges or conferences sponsored by Israeli universities “complicit in the occupation of Palestine. – source

Jews, of course, were very quick to whine about about how people exercising their democratic rights is “anti-Semitic” even as Jews are exceedingly vicious and malicious in calling for sanctions on virtually every country that does not bow down and submit to global Jewish goals and agendas.

Russia’s Burgeoning Budget Surplus


A running theme within Jewish media narratives is that Russia is “nearly on her knees” and about to implode due to “sanctions” and the falling ruble. As an example (and there are a lot), we can read the final closing paragraph from an article entitled Rouble sinks 9.5pc to record low as oil slides in the digital edition of Australia Financial Review:

Half of Russia’s revenues come from oil and gas, and the drop in the price of crude oil by half in the past six months has dealt a body blow to the country’s finances and Russian’s confidence in the rouble.

Note that this is all being reported in a FINANCIAL magazine, a magazine that, being focused on FINANCE, you would figure would be staffed by people who can actually read what is going on and report the information to its audience in a way that provides valid insight to their audience.

But this is not the case!

Consider the latest information coming out of Russia and reported by Bloomberg, a company that is on the margins of maintaining its credibility.

Russia’s fiscal accounts are benefiting from this year’s more than 40 percent decline in the ruble as it kept pace with a similar slide in oil, which is priced in dollars. The government’s budget surplus is 1.27 trillion rubles ($23 billion) through November, compared with 600 billion rubles in the same period last year and 789 billion rubles in 2012, according to Finance Ministry data. It was 1.34 trillion in 2011.

So exactly how is a massive increasing budget surplus causing a “body blow” to Russia?

Sure, imports of Western trinkets are a bit more difficult and perhaps out of reach for the short to intermediate future, but tourism and domestic competitiveness is bound to soar, which creates new opportunities and efficiency compared to when domestic (Russian) investment was slack due to lack of competitiveness on the global market.

A case in point, the latest Purchasing Manufacturing Index for November in Russia leaped to 51.7% from a previous October rate of 50.3, a figure that indicated a strengthening manufacturing base going into the Winter months.

Sure, a falling currency hurts imports, but it is not in Russia’s interests to import goods from the West above and beyond strategic economic requirements. Why strengthen the economy of those same countries who are waging active economic warfare against you?


What precisely are the motivations of Jewish controlled press organs to continually misrepresent (lie) the underlying economic dynamics remains to be seen, but the disconnect between reality and reporting is not lost on the readership of these media properties, and this takes us to another key story for Inside the Eye – Live! for 12.13.14.

German Media Readership Crashes

puppet master

In an article appearing in Russia-Insider, we find,

Since the publication of Udo Ulfkotte’s “Gekaufte Journalisten“ in September – now a #1 Amazon bestseller, in which he charges that the CIA regularly bribes top German journalists, himself included, – German readers’ disaffection towards their mainstream media appears to have crossed a point of no return.

Essentially, what has happened is that a popular journalist, Udo Ulkotte, has gone public saying that he and essentially the entire main stream German media, is, through subterfuge, on the payroll of the American CIA. Further, German media has been as rabidly anti-Russia and anti-Putin as anything we might find in the Jewish controlled “Anglo-Zion” sphere.

All of this slanted and dishonest reporting has been going against the grain of German public perception and interest.

The result: people are abandoning German mainstream media, and not just the print and electronic (television), but also websites of these same main stream media outlets has been experiencing a near catastrophic fall off of readership.


The result is that there is a larger pool of potential listeners and readers for the alternative media and hence a continuing responsibility to maintain framing as well as clarity in “truth”.

Such action will result in an increasing listener and reader base for those engaged in discussing the current “Talmudic” or “Noahidist” New World Order.

All of this, and much much more in a 3 hour solo “Fetch” Inside the Eye – Live!

You can hear the entire show here: