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Sabotaging Success – Blaming the “Goy” for “their failures”

Have you ever heard, or more acutely, how often have you heard Jews and/or their agents say things like, “You just blame Jews for everything”, or “You are not taking responsibility for your own failures”, or any number of permutations that might run off of these sentiments?  Well, with the ongoing purge of Nationalists social media accounts, the de-funding or “deplatforming” of Nationalist oriented websites from such financial platforms as Paypal, Patreon, and other crowd funding sites, the idea that “the goy” are responsible for “their own failures” is rapidly being exposed as a complete and utter sham.

It is clear that Nationalists as well as ANYONE opposed to or presenting views that clash with the largely nameless and ever encroaching Bolshevik thought police are being targeted.

This targeting is taking place on largely Jewish controlled platforms.  It is estimated that Facebook, for example, is censoring or deleting over 1,000,000 posts per week at present, while Youtube’s new “Googlag” restricted video mode is chewing up an untold number of videos and views.  Not all of these necessarily speak directly about a “Jewish Question”, but rather address issues that are brought about by Jewish political interests such as the mass flooding of Europe with sub-Sahara African migrants.

Never mind that Jewish policies have been an qualified failure for Western nations.  Lost opportunities to citizens of nations affected by Jewish policies is very real but difficult to quantify.  Job losses to those speaking out against Jewish policies is becoming a near daily advertised occurrence in Jewish media, even as anti-White professors stump for massive reprisals and oppression of Europeans living within their own nations.

The recent assaults on business owners, such as O’Mei Restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA, and Club Jäger in Minneapolis, MN, only highlights that there remain ongoing sabotage of American businesses who dare support political efforts of those that Jewish media routinely demonize.

Taken in total, the idea that Jews are not actively sabotaging the West should no longer be relegated to “conspiracy”. From global “boycotts” organized by Jews to support Jewish political interests, to the odd Twitter account that gets banned for “wrong think” (and there are tens of thousands of these), Jewish efforts to destroy peoples ability to succeed are being seen and felt everywhere.

It is clear: Jews DO sabotage “Goy” success, and then want to project that the failures of “goys” have everything to do with the Goy, but nothing to do with the targeted destruction being brought about by Jewish political pressure and power. The whole projection is straight from the “How to be a Psychopath” instruction manual.

This following video, an out-take from the end of nearly 2.5 hours of recorded material, speaks directly to this issue.  Consequently, there is a little bit of fluff to begin the conversation, but the conversation heats up and is quite astute and poignant.

Let us know what you think.

Note:  This is video is embed from RadioITEL page on and is also available on RadioITEL’s new BitChute page.  Join us on each of these.  YT has placed this video in the Youtube Googlag restricted mode through the Brian Ruhe Show page.

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