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San Bernardino Shooting Incident, Turkey vs. Russia – ITEL Radio – 12.5.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for 12.5.2015 returned to Kharj, Saudi Arabia, for what proved to be a technically challenging show that shortened to the overall duration of the show. The San Bernardino Shooting incident, Turkey vs. Russia, and the silence on Jewish mass murder in Eastern Europe and Russia during the first half of the 20th century were some of the many topic covered in what remained a near full length, and entertaining show.

The San Bernardino Shooting Incident


The lead main story was the “San Bernardino Shooting Incident”, an event that purportedly saw 14 people killed by “Muslims”. As far as stories go, this incident appears to be wholly scripted, with insane “revelations” appearing in the Jewish controlled media such as “Da’esh says one of the shooters pledged allegiance” to “Da’esh” and similar loony allegations.

On a more sinister note, reports have circulated that the actual shooting was done by 3 professional, military style contractors. With at least 3 witnesses coming forward to make this claim, the main stream media appears to have backed way off of the story and have buried or failed to cover the 3 professional shooter angles.

What would be interesting would be to have an armed civilian population ready, willing, and able to take down one of these contractors to the point of blowing a hole in the whole style of operation.

As far as serious events go on the “Clash of Civilization” event scale, this event hardly registers as it appears a made for media event, a point of view that says much about the treasonous, and criminal complicity of Jews within their controlled media.

Score this major Hollywood “flop”.

Russia vs Turkey – The Stakes Escalate


Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian SU-24 has brought Turkey into an ever tightening vice that can only be seen to run counter to the interests of the Turkish people. The loss of an aircraft and the subsequent murder of the pilot as he parachuted to the ground drove home the point that Turkey is not only lacking in Western norms of civility, but is indeed itself a terrorists sponsoring nation every bit as primitive and backward as the mercenary armies it supports in Turkey.

The body of the slain pilot had not even had a chance to arrive back in Mother Russia when the damage to Turkey began to hit home: a ban charter flights and tourism will go a long ways in ensuring that the US$3 billion plus in tourist revenues never reaches Turkey’s shores. Losses to Turkey’s agriculture sector are expected to hit nearly US$1 billion. Remittances from Russia are expected to drop, from an initial trickle to a torrent when restrictions on hiring Turkish labor begins to bite.

Russia is stating that more economic sanctions are to come.

For its part, Russia has managed to deploy an S-400 anti aircraft and has additionally moved a cruise missile equipped submarine off the Syrian coast. In addition, reports are coming in that Syria itself is now fielding the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, while Russian ground attack aircraft are now being blanketed by SU-34 air interceptors, making any repeat of an attack on a Russian aircraft highly challenging.

More, Russia has put out the word: ANY WEAPON SYSTEM targeting Russian service personnel are to be destroyed. That, presumably, includes any Israeli, American, British, or whatever other country that may have eyes on attacking Russians inside of Syria.

So while Russian now pounds Erdogan’s assets in Syria, Turkey can now just sit idle and reap whatever benefits it can from stealing Syrian oil. It long ago plundered what it could in the Syrian areas that came under its pre-medieval sphere of influence.

Jews – The Greatest Mass Murderers of All Time


If Western Civilization is to ever rise again, and it could be argued that culturally it is terminal decay, it must come to grips with the force within it which brings about this terminal decay. That force is popularly known as “Judaism”.

One must be judiciously self-deluded to gloss over the clear acts of genocide and lust for death that the scribes of the early Jews attributed to themselves.

The rise of Jews in Russia was very little different from the blood lust from the days of Exodus in Torah: the rise of Jews in power in Russia resulted in the deaths of what some estimate to be 60 million Russians. Add in the total numbers of Europeans who died in World War II, and Jews whining about their 6 million seem to be eerily silent on the greatest mass murder machine ever created: that by Jews against White European Christendom.

And why has no one ever heard about Jewish mass murder factories?

Because the perpetrators are in power. They control our press. They control our money. They control our politicians. They control our education system. It is a full court press, necessary owing to the fact their crimes are so monstrous, so egregious, that their revelations run the risk of upsetting the very course of a history they have fabricated.

But upsetting that course of history is indeed what is absolutely necessary if Western Civilization is to end its cultural terminal decline.

All of this, and of course, much more on Inside the Eye – Live! for December 5, 2015. You can hear the entire show (less edits for technical glitches) here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.5.2015