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Saudi Arabia’s Arrests Clinton Foundation Supporters – ITEL – 11.18.17

“The Fetch” and Inside the Eye – Live! returned to the air/stream on November 18, 2017 after a two week layoff due to a location move (lack of Internet), health, and “mechanical” issues.  In the spotlight?  The recent arrests in Saudi Arabia’s “counter corruption” drive.  In hour 3, we the failure of American diplomacy through fronting of dishonest, incompetent “diplomats” as Nikki Haley as US Ambassador to the United Nations, completed another excellent Saturday show!

Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Corruption Drive – Targeting Clinton Crime Syndicate Operatives?

Saudi Arabia’s recent “anti-corruption” crackdown appeared to be a multi-target environment in which “power consolidation”, “anti-corruption”, and even international criminal syndicates showed to be legitimate targets.  Of particular interest to the United States was the arrest of Al Walid bin Talal, the chairman of Kingdom Holdings.  One of Saudi Arabia’s leading business magnates, Al Walid bin Talal owns significant shares in Western media assets as Twitter, Fox News, Newscorp, Time-Warner, Rotana, Apple, and much more.

Al Walid bin Talal has been involved in seeking to influence American politics.  He is said to have donated an annual US$1 millions to the Clinton Foundation, for a total reaching nearly US$15 million.  He has donated another US$40 million to Harvard to advance anti-Western agenda’s on Harvard’s already pro-Jewish-anti-Western dominated campus.

Al Walid’s very public Twitter spat with then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, where Al Walid bin Talal called on Trump to drop out of the Presidential race and accusing Trump further of “being an embarrassment” to the GOP and the United States, hid a more sinister reality: while a significant shareholder of Twitter was busy attacking a US Presidential candidate, his “asset” was and remains busy attack and “deplatforming” Western nationalists at unprecedented rates, an assault on Western values fully funded by the otherwise carefully “pro-Western” image that Al Walid bin Talal brought to the fore.

Add in other high profile arrests in Saudi Arabia, such as Amr Dabbagh and his links to NGO education training grounds run through his Philanthropy University at UC Berkley, and you get the idea that there were numerous targets within the “anti-corruption” drive.

Hour two provided a fairly comprehensive view on the links between some of those arrested and the ongoing war against the politically entrenched international Clinton crime syndicates.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 11.18.17