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Saudi’s Flirtation with Excessive Government Regulation – ITEL Prime Time – 11.2.17

Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time for Thursday, November 2, 2017, took an in depth look into factors affecting business inside of Saudi Arabia.  Hour 2 included a look at the open admission that Jewish organizations and government are being provided with intelligence provided to them by Jewish run operations and governments in the United States.  Comments from Nigel Farage, EU parliamentarian from the UK’s UKIP party, regarding the dangers that the Jewish lobby poses to the United States, closed out the final show from our established location in Riyadh.

By default, it can be said that Inside the Eye – Live! will be broadcasting from a new home in Riyadh.

Saudi’s Taxation of its Business Sector

The first hour began with a look at how an every increasing number of taxes is beginning to dampen business sentiments in Saudi Arabia.  From direct taxes and fees on business to taxes on expats in Saudi Arabia, as well as reductions or elimination of long instituted subsidies, government “partnership” with all members of society is increasingly becoming intrusive to the point where businesses will close, talent will leave, and growth in the Saudi economy will stifle.

Indeed, rumblings are being heard from long established individuals in the business community that conditions in Saudi Arabia are becoming so difficult to navigate such that businesses will begin to close and larger enterprise efforts will be put on the back burner as companies rethink the cost of doing business in high labor business ventures.

As Saudi Arabia ventures forward with their “2030 Vision”, it will be increasingly difficult to grow an economy that finds itself being stifled by aggressive invitation by government agencies to be financial partners” in nearly every aspect of the business channel.

You can hear this and much more in this informative show.

ITEL Radio Prime Time – 11.2.17