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July 14, Hanna, European Rape Crisis [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

June 28, Greg Felton, The Host and the Parasite [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

June 16, Paul English, Eurofolk Radio [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

June 9, Stan Hess, Co-host, (Re)Moving the Goalposts, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

June 9, Ken O’ Keefe, World Citizen [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

June 2, Jack Sen, former UKIP candidate and host, Resistance Radio [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

May 31, Patrick Little, GOP Candidate for US Senate in CA, The Little Revoltion, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

May 26, Graham Hart, host, The Graham Hart Show on, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

April 28, Jan Lamprecht, History Reviewed, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page] Interviewed by Guest Host Frederick Blackburn

April 28, Sencha MacRae, Untold Tales, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page] – Interviewed by Guest Host Frederick Blackburn

March 24, Mike “Tom” Goodrich, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

March 24, Lady Michèle Renouf, Jailing Opinions, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

March 8, Brizer from Ireland, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

March 3, Alison Chabloz, Alison Chabloz, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

February 1, Jan Lamprecht, History Reviewed and African Crisis, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]


December 16, Frederick C. Blackburn, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

December 2, Michael “Tom” Goodrich,, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

October 26, Graham Hart, [listen/download][Show Wrap-up Page]

September 9, John Kaminski, John Kaminski dot Org, 2-hour special [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

September 2, Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief, The Occidental Observer [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

September 2, Lee Rogers, (Gab) [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

August 19, Brian Ruhe, The Brian Ruhe Show [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

August 19, Dean Henderson, Left Hook [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

August 12, Miriam Al-Fatah, Libya Against Superpower Media [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

August 12, Brendon O’Connell, Isolate but Preserve [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

August 5, Dion Wehrwolf, The Alpha Wolf behind Radio Wehrwolf [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

July 29, Andrew Joyce, Contributor to The Occidental Observer, Contemporary Insights on the Jewish Question [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page}

July 29, Michael “Tom” Goodrich, Thomas Goodrich, Updates on latest book and wishing ITEL a happy anniversary [listen/download] [Show Wrap-Up Page]

July 22, Christopher Jon Bjerkness, Jewish Racism [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

July 22, Eric Karlstrom, Gang Stalking Mind Control Cults [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Page]

July 15, Zezorro, independent political analyst, [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Permalink]

June 24, Ole DammegÃ¥rd, researcher, author, noted speaker on “false flags”, Light on Conspiracies [listen/download] [Show Wrap-up Permalink]

June 24, Graham Hart, Radio Host, The UK-Grenfell Disaster (listen/download)

Apr 15, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, author, Synogogue of Satan, and host, The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (listen/download)

Apr 8, Michael “Tom” Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, Thomas Goodrich with Taylor McClain (listen/download)

Apr 8, Monika Schaefer, Canadian Violinist, Free Speech Monika (listen/download) 

Apr 1,  Pär Henrikson, ITEL Program Coordinator for Sweden (listen/download)

Mar 18, Brizer from Ireland [listen/download]

Feb 25, Lady Michelle Renouf, Jewish Republic [listen/download]

Jan 28, Lee Rogers, [listen/download]

Jan 21, Mike Harris, Financial Editor of Veteran’s Today and host of “Short End of the Stick” [listen/download]

Jan 21, Frederick C. Blackburn, host of Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club and sponsor of “The ITEL Cat Report” [listen/download]

Jan 14, Jason Schuman, the Jewish infiltration of UK’s institution infrastructure [listen/download]

Jan 14, Harley Schlanger, The Schiller Institute and LaRouche PAC [listen/download]

Jan 7, John Kaminski, The [listen/download]


Dec 31, Tom Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, Thomas, [listen/download]

Dec 31, Tom Goodrich with “Ann from Sweden”, Swedish translator for Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, Thomas, [listen/download]

Nov 12, Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, Discussion on Presidential Elections, Trump, and American Politics [listen/download]

Nov 12, Alison Chabloz, Alison Chabloz website [listen/download]

Sept 10, Michael “Tom” Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1044-1947, Tom Goodrich website [listen/download]

Sept 10, “Zezorro“, Poland’s Nationalist Rise, Visegrad4, [listen/download]

August 6. John Kaminski, Internet Essayist, contributor to “The“, Special 2-hour interview [listen/download]-[Show wrap-up page]

July 30, Jay Dyer, [listen/download]

July 23, Mark Emery, Lighthouse Liberty and Freedom4all [listen/download]

July 16, Tom Sunic, TomSunic [listen/download]

July 16, Ryan Dawson, ANCReport [listen/download]

July 9, Jeremy “Jez” Turner, The London Forum [listen/download]

July 9, Graham Hart, The Graham Hart Show on Renegade Broadcasting Network [listen/download]

July 2, Clint Richardson, Strawman: The Real Story of your Artificial Person [download/listen]

July 2, Dr. Johan Oldenkamp, Wholly Science [download/listen]

June 25, Bret “LB” Bork, The Red Amendment [download/listen]

June 18, Dennis Wise, The Greatest Story Never Told and Communism through the Back Door [listen/download]

June 18, “The Nordic Resistance Front“, Par Oberg, Robin Palmblad, and Emil Habberg discussed the Nordic Resistance Movement. [download/listen]

May 21, Bob Whitaker, The Mantra – Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide (second appearance announcing resigning from the American Freedom Party) [listen/download]

May 14, Sencha MacRae, Untold, The Untold Side of History [listen/download]

May 14, Asgardian, Twitter @warowhites, Trump and White Identity [listen/download]

Apr 30, Pastor Eli James, host of The Restoration Hour [listen/download]

Apr 9, Mike Walsh, Author, Witness to History [listen/download]

Mar 12, Bob in DC, Boardmanland.blogspot, parallel Radio Show @ Talkshoe [listen/download]

Mar 12, Lee Rogers, [listen/download]

Feb 23, Kevin Barrett, Truth Jihad, Truth Jihad Radio, Veteran’s Today Contributor [listen/download]

Feb 23, Tom Bowie, Vice Presidential Candidate for the American Freedom Party [listen/download]

Feb 16, John Kaminski, Internet Essayist, Reflections on current political affairs [listen/download]

Feb 6, Bob Whitaker, Presidential Candidate, American Freedom Party, discussing “White Genocide” and “The Mantra” [listen/download]

Jan 16, John Friend, The Realist Report, discussing recent trip to Harney County “stand-off” [listen/download]

Jan 16, Patricia Aiken, host of Sacred Cow BBQ, discussing Oregon Harney County Stand-off – [listen/download]


Dec 12, Kevin MacDonald, Editor-in-Chief, The Occidental Observer [listen/download]

Nov 21, Zezorro,, [listen/download]

Nov 7, Tom Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, Tom [listen/download]

Oct 24, Karin Smith, [listen/download]

Oct 17, Frederick C. Blackburn, former 32 degree Freemason and NSA Whistle-blower [listen/download]

July 18, Marshall Schroeder, author, “HOW TO DEFEAT ANY DEBT COLLECTOR & REPAIR YOUR OWN CREDIT REPORT”, [listen/download]

June 20 – John Kaminski, Internet Essayist, The, 2 hour special [listen/download]

June 13 – Kyle Hunt, Renegade Broadcasting, The Solar Storm [listen/download]

June 13 – Tom Goodrich, Kyle Hunt Interview, discussion on Hellstorm: The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany [listen/download]

June 13 – Tom Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi German, 1944-1947, Thomas [listen/download]

June 6 – RJ Von Bruening, Author, The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch – [listen/download]

May 2 – Zezorro, Geopolitical Blogger, Zezorro.blogspot, Poland, Ukraine, Russia insights. Hour 3 – [listen/download]

Feb 21 – Marianne Azizi, author, Sour Milk and Stolen Honey, updates on latest Israeli actions to hold foreign expatriates [listen/download]

Feb 21 – John Onesti, author, Assassination Point Blank [listen/download]

Jan 24 – John Kaminski, Internet Essayist, The, special 2-hour interview [listen/download]

Jan 17 – Marianne Azizi, author, Sour Milk and Stolen Honey [listen/download]

Jan 17 – “Noor Al Haqiqa”, Snippits and Snappets

Jan 10 – Patricial Aitken, host “Sacred Cow BBQ” and Logistics Coordinator for militias at the Bundy Ranch [listen/download]

Jan 10 – Frederick C. Blackburn – NSA whistlblower on Israeli spying at core of US telecommunications grid [listen/download]


Dec 6, Max Igan, The Crowhouse and “Surviving the Matrix” radio show [listen/download]

Nov 29, Lee Rogers, The Daily Slave [listen/download]

Nov 29, Brandon Martinez, The Martinez Perspective, Canada ZOG [listen/download]

Nov 22, Greg Johnson, Editor in Chief, Counter Currents [listen/download]

Nov 22, Denis Rancourt, former Academic Freedom Canada. [listen/download]

Nov 15, Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Creations and Red Ice Radio [listen/download]

Nov 8, Arthur Topham, The Radical Press [listen/download]

Nov 1, Solaris Blueraven, Night Shadow Anomaly Detectives – [listen/download]

Nov 1, Dennis Wise, The Greatest Story Never Told, [listen/download]

Oct 25, Mike King, The Tomato Bubble – [listen/download]

Oct 25, Tim Murdock, aka “Horus the Avenger”, White Rabbit Radio [listen/download]

Oct 18, Scott Onstott, Secrets in Plain Sight, author of “Quantification – Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets in Plain Sight” – [listen/download]

Oct 11, Zezorro,, East European updates [listen/download]

Oct 11, Robert Ransdell, write in candidate for US Senate, KY, “With Jews We Lose” campaign [listen/download]

Oct 4, John Kaminski, Internet Essayist, contributor to The [listen/download]

Oct 4, Ben Swann,, Broadcast Media Professional and Investigative Reporter speaks on Cannabinoids and Federal Gov Patents on Medical Marijuana [download/listen]

Sep 27, Lee Rogers, former host of Live Free or Die Radio and Editor in Chief of “The Daily Slave” – [listen/download]

Sep 27, Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC, Executive Intelligence Review – [listen/download]

Sep 20, Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of “The Occidental Observer” – [listen/download]

Sep 6, Tom Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 [listen/download]

June 28, “The Octav“, Romanian Political civic observer, [listen/download]

June 21, “Emma“, Educator and Education Recruiter, Saudi Arabia [listen/download]

June 7, Nick Spero, host of Circus Maximus Radio Show [listen/download]

June 7, Kevin MacDonald, Analysis of the European Union Elections [listen/download]

May 17, Bill Cairns, Chairman of the Republican Party, Nye County, NV [listen/download]

May 17, Patricia Aiken, logistics coordinator at Bundy Ranch [listen/download]

May 10, Patricia Aiken, logistics coordinator at Bundy Ranch [listen/download]

May 3, “Zezorro“, Latest developments on Ukraine [listen/download]

May 3, EyeCitizen, Latest Bundy-BLM Standoff [listen/download]

Apr 19, “EyeCitizen“, freelance investigative reporter, BLM-Bundy Standoff [listen/download]

Apr 5. Lee Rogers, former Host of Live Free or Die Radio [listen/download]

Mar 29, John Kaminski, Internet Essayist [listen/download]

Mar 15, John Friend – The White Man March [listen/download]

Mar 8, Zezorro – Post Ukraine Fallout [listen/download]

Mar 1, “Ahlia”, Jordanian Media Monitoring Specialist [listen/download]

Feb 22, Zezorro – The Fall of Ukraine [listen/download]

Feb 1, Clayton Douglas, Editor of “The Free American” and host, “The Free American Radio Show” [listen/download]

Feb 1, Lee Rogers, former host, Live Free or Die Radio and contributor to Blacklisted News [listen/download]

Jan 25, Zezorro, political essayist. Insights on the Ukraine unrest. [listen/download]

Jan 25, Clint Richardson, host of The Corporation Nation Radio Show, independent researcher, author, and Internet Essayist [listen/download]

Jan 4, Zezorro, internet essayist, Polish political commentator, [listen/download]

Jan 4, John Friend, internet essayist, radio host, and political activist – [listen/download]


Nov 30, Michael Collins Piper, The Piper Report, author – [download/listen]

Nov 2, Fredrick Toben, Revisionist Historian [listen/download]

Oct 26, John Kaminski, Internet Essayist, The [listen/download]

Oct 19, William “Will” Wirtz, Jr., Editorial Board Member, LaRouche PAC’s Executive Intelligence Report [download/listen]

Oct 12, Tom Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 [download/listen]

Aug 24, “Thinus, Political Observer from S. Africa“, discussion of the state of S. Africa – [download/listen]

July 27, Melanie Vritschan – ICAACT, Weaponized Covert Technologies [download/listen]

July 20, “Eye Citizen“, analysis of Zimmerman Case and verdict – [download/listen]

July 13, Lee Rogers, former host Live Free or Die Radio and contributing author, Black Listed News [listen/download]

July 6, “Zezorro”,, [listen/download]

June 22, “The Celtic Rebel”, The Rebel Path, [download/listen]

June 22, Tom Lynch, Anti NWO and Precious Metals Classifieds [download/listen]

June 15, Eye Citizen, The George Zimmerman Persecution, Nikkei Stock Index Implosion, Obama, and more [download/listen]

June 1, Shake and Wake with Rick and Annie, show promo interview for Revolution Radio [listen/download]

June 1, Vincent Gillespie, Treasurer, Ellen Marianni Legal Defense Fund [listen/download]

May 25, Zeus Yiamouyiannis, author, Transforming Economies: From Corrupted Capitalism to Connected Communities [download/listen]

May 18, Clayton Douglas, radio host of “The Free American” and author [download/listen]

May 11, Mark Glenn, Cresent and Cross Solidarity Movement and The Ugly Truth [download/listen]

May 4 John Kaminski Internet essayist, [listen/download]

April 20 Lee Rogers, former host Live Free or Die Radio – hour 2 [listen/download]

April 13, Ksenia Svetlova, Israeli Multimedia Journalist . Discussion included her being an embed reporter on US Naval ships during the Gulf War (2003), the Arab Spring, Yasser Arafat, and more. [download/listen] – Hour 2 (first half hour)

April 13, Cynthia McKinney, Former Congresswoman Rep. (D. GA), discussed her early days in politics, running for national elections, and the Jewish Lobby. [download/listen] – First Half Hour

March 16, “Wanda”, author of blog “A Kiss to Break the Spell“, discussion on the metaphysics of the English Language [Out of Circulation]
March 12, “EyeCitizen”, Independent Reporter and member, Guild of Camera Operators, discussion on the George Zimmerman case, politics, and economics [Out of Circulation]

March 11, Bill Finck, founder,, discussion on history, Christian Identity, and Jewish political influence [Out of Circulation]

March 4, John Friend, Activist, Essayist, and Alternative Radio Host [Out of Circulation]

February 26, Dr. Fredrick Toben, Revisionist, Author, and Founder, The Adelaide Institute [Out of Circulation]

February 2, Tom Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany: 1944-1947 [Out of Circulation]

Jan 26, Horus the Avenger, White Rabbit Radio, [Out of Circulation]

Jan 19, Rising Star Weekend – Hr. 1 – Jonathan Azaziah, Hr. 2 – John Friend, Hr. 3 – Siegfried [Out of Circulation]

Jan 12, J. B. (Bruce) Campbell, Founder of Modern Day Militia, JB Campbell Extremism Online, [Out of Circulation]

Jan 5, Lee Rogers, former host, Live Free or Die Radio and co-Founder, Oracle Broadcasting Network [Out of Circulation]

Dec 29, Carlos Miller, Blogger and Activist, Photography is not a Crime [Out of Circulation]
Dec 22, John Kaminski, Essayist and Author [Out of Circulation] Dec 15, Tom Goodrich, Author, Hellstorm: the Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 [Out of Circulation]
Dec 15 Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief, The Occidental Observer – Hour 2 – [Out of Circulation]
Dec 11, “Woody”, Investigative Reporter, Insights on the George Zimmerman Case in Floriday [Out of Circulation]
Dec 3, Tim Brown, Editor in Chief, Freedom Outpost [Out of Circulation]
Dec 1, Dr. Rebecca Carley, , Alternative Health MD, Author, and Radio Host – [Out of Circulation] – last half hour of show
Nov 20, Greg from NJ[Out of Circulation]
Nov 17, Alan Hart, former ITN News @ 10 Middle East Correspondent, Author, Zionism, the Real Enemy of the Jews[Out of Circulation]
Nov 10, Jim Fetzer, Scholars for 9-11 Truth, Host, The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer [Out of Circulation]
Oct 29, Harley Schlanger, National Spokesman, Western US, LaRouche PAC [Out of Circulation]
Oct 27 – Joe Cortina, Blogger, MyNameIsJoeCortina, Observations of Israel from the Inside [Out of Circulation]
Sept 29 – Jonathan Azaziah, Political Activist, Blogger and Radio Host, Mask of Zion [Out of Circulation]
Sept 22 – John Robert Friend, Political Activist and Blogger, JohnFriendsBlog [Out of Circulation]
Sept 17 – Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Economics Futurist and Author, Citizen Zeus [Out of Circulation] – hour 1.5
Sept 15 – Israel Shamir, Author, [Out of Circulation] Sept 8 – Greg Johnson, Editor in Chief, Counter-Currents, White Nationalist and Author, Confessions of a Reluctant Hater [Out of Circulation]
Sept 1 – Thomas Sheridan, Author, Labyrinth of the Psychopath, [Out of Circulation]
August 25 – Imran Hosein, Islamic Scholar, Imran, [Out of Circulation]
August 11 – Jim Fetzer, Scholars for 9-11 Truth[Out of Circulation]
June 30 – Mark Glenn, The Ugly Truth – The Arab Spring, A Neocon Plan for Global Domination (2nd hour commentary) [Out of Circulation]
June 23 – Scott Onstott, Secrets in Plain Sight – Discussion of the Construct in Architecture and Language [Out of Circulation]
June 16 – Deanna Spingola, Spingola Speaks – Discussion on Zionism and Spingola’s body of work [Out of Circulation]
June 2 – Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Creations – Discussion on Red Ice Creations, Bilderberg, UN Agenda 21 [Out of Circulation]
May 26 – Marty Leeds, author of Pi – The Great Work – Discussion of Marty’s work regarding Pi, Gematria, and “the Construct” [Out of Circulation]
February 25 – Ed Chiarini, WellAware1 – Discussion on Ed’s theories on the use of actors to craft news stories [Out of Circulation]
February 18 – Zeus Yiamouyiannis – Shadow Banking and Financial Instruments as Counterfeit Fiat [Out of Circulation]
January 21 – Alex, the Celtic Rebel, CelticRebel – General discussion on variety of topics (first 45 minutes) [Out of Circulation]


November 26 – Harley Schlanger, La Rouche EIR – Discussion on geopolitics, the EU, the Euro, Israel, and Sino-Russian-Iran alliance [Out of Circulation]
September 17 – Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who – Discussion on Jewish Identity Politics, Zionism, Israel, Jewish Control Strategies [Out of Circulation]