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Scott Onstott on ITEL Radio – 10.18.14

Inside the Eye – Live! made a turn towards the esoteric with a visit by Scott Onstott, the producer of the Youtube hit, “Secrets in Plain Sight”, a video production that has garnered over 3.5 million views and counting. Scott Onstott is a teacher, writer, artist, and filmmaker. He has a degree in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, and has written or co-written 11 technical books on architectural design and visualization software.

He has authored two books in the realm of “esoterica”: Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture and Consciousness and his latest offering, Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight

His website is Secrets in Plain Sight

Architectural Discipline and Keen Observation


Scott’s discipline, a degree in architecture, combined with his fascination with the history of ancient architectural achievements has led him on a path of inquiry that has enabled him to grasp the nature of the Construct and accurately portray the Construct as it impresses upon the physical world.

His innate understanding of key factorials of 666 and its factorial brethren (216, 432, 864, 1080, 2160, and so on) has enabled him to accurately demonstrate these ancient encoded numerics and how they are encoded into cosmic, planetary and architectural scales.

Scott’s latest effort, Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight, seeks to portray this ancient wisdom through a series of original artwork combined with written text to describe the concept being represented, as well as the mathematics/numerics behind the concept.

“864 Celestial”

"864 Celestial" - Original Plate by Scott Onstott, Quantification

“864 Celestial” – Original Plate by Scott Onstott, Quantification

Scott’s efforts truly add value and contribute much to the contemporary efforts to penetrate the “veil of Reality” and “the design of the Construct”. He provides a series of original insights to the design of the Construct and presents the information in very clear and concise representations.

For instance, we have heard much in the West about the “Mark of the Beast” and 666. Yet few understand that this number is an inherent key to the design of life and Earth’s relationship to the cosmos. The Magic Square of the Sun is a 6 x 6 grid where all columns, rows, and diagonals add to 111, while the sum of the matrix (Sum of 1:36) adds to 666.


This is important because the diameter of the Sun has a value of 6*6*6*4*1000, or 864,000 miles.

Scott has tapped into this numeric and demonstrates in a wide variety of ways the encoding of this “numeric”.

Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight


In short, Quantification: Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight is an admirable work and provides added perspective. For instance, who would take the time to see that the Kaaba of Islam and the Wailing Wall of the Hebrews is 666.6 nautical miles from each other, or that

Scott reflects:

Is something deeper going on? Why does Earth’s equator bulge .33% beyond being a perfect sphere? Why does Earth’s orbit bulge 3.3% out of round? Why does sound travel at 333.3 m/sec at 3.3°C in Earth’s atmosphere? Why is escape velocity 33 times the speed of sound? Why is the Sun 333000 times more massive than the Earth? Why does your spine have 33 bones?

Scott has truly tapped into the design and nature of the Construct as it has been encoded into space, time, geometry, and architecture.

In this interview (a bit technically interrupted due to connection issues with the server), Scott shares his thoughts and knowledge and his understanding as to the nature and design of the Construct.

You can hear the interview here:

Scott Onstott on Inside the Eye – Live! – 10.18.14

Inside the Eye – Live! for 10.18.14


Scott’s interview was hour number of 3 of Inside the Eye – Live! for October 18, 2014. In hour number one, we spent time explaining the growing geopolitical fallout from falling oil prices and the likelihood of its price points out into the medium term future.

In hour number 2, we discussed the idea of “words as weapons of war” and how Jewish media assets use words to assault Western civilization in their ongoing attempts to create their New World Order.

You can hear the show in its entirety here:

ITEL Radio for 10.18.14