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Secession Referendums and a Cratering NFL – ITEL Radio – 9.30.17

Saturday’s September 30, 2017 show was filled with technical difficulties as we experienced a main server blowout in Chicago that affected the entire network.  Although we were able to stay connected to the studio, we were not able to stream out via our normal channels.  Consequently, the show broadcast out over the “Hawk’s Next”, the station owner Nitehawk’s private audio channel.

The network feed was lost somewhere around the start of the Oy Vey Moment before being routed to the “Hawk’s Nest”.  The show continued to have problems with Skype as calls were not able to be added from listener call in numbers.

Catalonia and Kurdish Referendums

Catalonians turn out en masse to vote for independence from Spain.

America’s (Jewish) dream of “spreading democracy” was on full display as both Catalonia (Spain) and Kurdistan (Iraq) held secession referendums. In Iraq, the Kurdish referendum was met with political isolation from all borders with Kurdistan, with the Iraqi and Turkish militaries declaring joint exercises along the border of Turkey and Iraq’s Kurdish borders. President Erdogan stated that he might use genocide (deliberate starvation) of Kurdish populated areas as means to turn back Kurdish aspirations.

Meanwhile, Iran sealed off its borders with Iraq’s Kurdish areas, while Iraq and Iran declared a blockade of airspace in and out of the Kurdish capital of Erbil.

The show then discussed some of the actions and circumstances surrounding the Catalonia secession referendum, an event that was met with widespread intimidation by the central Spanish authorities. The question remains, certainly relative to Spain and Catalonia: why hasn’t the US State Department come out and offered full support seeing how the US State Department has been so vocal about “Spreading democracy” through out the MIddle East, N. Africa, Ukraine, and many other nations.

The Cratering NFL

In what will perhaps go down as a business school case study about how corporate hubris can destroy solid brands, we discussed how the NFL and its players have been working overtime to turn their collective product into a venue that places the bulk of the spotlight of their product on matters that are not the core product of the business. In short, the NFL has become a liberal dominated, anti-American entity which promotes its political views above the entertainment value of their product.

Apparently, the NFL and its players cannot ascertain that general public does not tune in to watch a bunch of high priced ungrateful thugs “protest” in a manner that insults and demeans its core audience. It seems the NFL and its players think that by insulting the demeaning its audience prior to its games that somehow the NFL “product” can erase the distasteful message the NFL and its players send out prior to the playing of their games.

Worse for the NFL, it has become clear that the NFL is being used as a means to advance “black political issues”, and that black athletes are using the NFL as a platform to seek some form of “racial dominance” over the larger US political narrative.

As a consequence of a clearly massive politicalization of the NFL, it is rapidly losing its credibility and trust among its core audience. As a result, ratings and favorability indices for the NFL continue to crater and for which, we can hope, the trend will only continue as a failing NFL ceases a syphoning of wealth from tradition “White America” which makes its way into hostile political elements as represented by Jewish media, ownership, management, and the growing number of athletes expressing anti-Western behavioral traits.

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