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Shake and Wake with Rick and Annie on ITEL 6.1.2013

shakenwaketopNew talent to Revolution Radio, Rick and Annie, a husband and wife team from St. John’s River in the farm country of Florida will be joining Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday afternoon at 12:15 for a half hour of down to earth folksy welcome introduction.

The show is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 3, 2013 and will run weekdays, M-F, from 8:00am – 10:00am EDT.

So kick off your day with “Shake and Wake with Rick and Annie” every weekday at 8:00am EDT for a little current news, satire, phone calls, Skype-ins, special guest appearances and just good plain home folk fun!

And be sure to listen to Inside the Eye – Live! at 12:15pm EDT for a warm welcome and introduction to the newest show and talent on Revolution Radio at!

Show Website: Shake and Wake with Rick and Annie

Sspaghetting Pancake

What we learned, and perhaps what is most important, is that time spent with Rick and Annie would fine oneself being presented with the house specialty: pancakes and spaghetti, for which the above “spaghetti pancake” presents a rather interesting gastric challenge.

This interview presented A bit of a human interest story about life in rural Florida from Revolution Radio’s new weekday morning talent.

This was Rick and Annie’s first formal interview. You can hear the interview here:

Right click and download here