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Skype Implodes! – ITEL – 1.13.18

Skype’s most recent upgrade resulted in quite a difficult production for Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, January 13, 2018, although the show itself was able to be completed without too many actual technical flaws.  The main issue was that Skype’s latest update simply is insufferable to work with.  It was so bad, Skype actually because a part of the show with numerous rants against the continually degrading service.

In between the rants against Skype, the show discussed the BDS movement (The Oy Vey Moment), and how Jews complain about boycotts of Israel, yet at the same time, Jews are actively engaged in denying people access to telecommunications services like Twitter and Facebook by launching their forms of “boycotts” against messages that Jews and their social justice warrior networks wish not to have a voice in the digital public square.

The Alison Chabloz trial, whereby a rogue Jewish NGO seeks to impose its own brand of tyranny onto the Jewish people through utilizing the levers of state to target, harass, stalk, and bring into court those individuals which these Jews feel do not deserve to have basic human rights of free speech, played prominently in the show.  In support of this segment, a 20 minute segment was dedicated to speaking with Scottish native “Ross”, who was in the gallery of the trial room where Alison’s court case was being heard.

Quite a bit more here in this show, including the problems of Jewish attempts to impose tyranny onto citizens of Western civilization and Jewish reactions as we citizens of the West begin to notice and speak out against the encroaching tyranny being brought on by Jewish groups.

You can hear the entire story here:

Inside the Eye – Live! – Full Show – 1.13.18