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Social Media and 5th Column Israeli Firsters – ITEL Prime Time – 12.14.17

In a shortened show with much of the second hour lost to technical difficulties, Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! discussed some of the attitudes of Israel first 5th column agents on social media platforms, as well as ideas on how to recognize the phenomena and bring these traitors to light using simple anti-Israel, pro-Nationalist ideas.  In addition, the show discussed the reality that what is oft called a “conspiracy”, is indeed just that, that Jews seek to politically dominate Western politics and discourse and go to extremes to shut down any attempts by opposing viewpoints to be heard and present counter arguments to what is generally a Jewish first position found throughout many sub-groups on the Internet.

What is most stunning (and nauseating) is the dismissive manner in which Jews interact in their efforts to deflect from the reality that Jews and their political agenda are failures and harmful to Western civilization.

A short but good show.  Available for listening here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time!