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Soros – A Jewish War on the West

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, July 15, 2017, discussed at length various hypocrisies and stunts used by the Jewish community in their efforts to impose their political agenda and advance their totalitarian agenda against the West. Included in this discussion is a new front opening revealing a war on freedom of association, as well as a segment on the irrational demands that Jews put on the use of language in describing the realities we are facing. The show ended with guest Zezorro, from, who came on to discuss President Trump’s visit to Poland, the G20, and the approaching LNG war in Europe.

Social Media – Freedom of Association?

The legal complexities of social media entered into the discussion with a group of people who have had their Twitter accounts blocked by @realDonaldTrump announced that they were suing Donald Trump for harm caused by the block. The suit was filed in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. The suit seeks a declaration that Trump’s blocking of the accounts was unconstitutional and seeks an injunction to have the block removed and to force Donald Trump to not block future tweeters for posts of a disparaging political nature.

What this seems to break down to is that we have some idiotic woman tweeting out that Trump did not win the Presidental election and that Russia won the US presidential election, getting blocked for being an idiot, and now wants the courts to uphold her right to be an idiot and not be welcome in any given environment.

Yet at the same time, Twitter and Facebook, as two dominant social media platforms, are more than free to shadow ban and deny people their rights to express their views using what is really a utility serving the function of virtual gather spots (freedom of association).

A North Carolina law aimed at denying convicted sexual predators of using Facebook or Twitter was struck down this past June by the US Supreme Court. In the ruling, Justice Kennedy, writing on behalf of the 5 judge majority, stated that social media had become “the modern public square”, appearing to undermine Jewish efforts to silence debate and dissent on the net by forcing social media companies to remain neutral within the political debate.

We all certainly have a right to association, and hence a right to deny people into our social spheres, but at the same time. social media companies violate our rights when they ban or otherwise deny us access to “the modern public square”.

A Suffocating Stranglehold on Dissent

The never ending battle to “name the Jew” took another perverted turn this week when Hungary launched a billboard advertising campaign that said “Let’s not let George Soros have the last laugh”. In this case, it was Israel who launched a counter-attack. Israeli ambassador to Hungary, Yosef Amrani, said the billboard campaign encouraged anti-Semitism.

PM Netanyahu chimed in, denouncing the billboard campaign but was forced to retract after a backlash mounted in Hungary and Eastern Europe.

Here, of course, is the crux of the problem. Jews argue that “you can’t just slander Jews” and that “some Jews are behind the destruction of the West” but that “these Jews should be named” so as not to make it appear that all Jews are being “blamed”. Yet, as we see in the case here, an internal Hungarian matter was met with condemnation from a Jewish foreign element. It never matters: some Jewish group, from some international point, will stick their noses in the internal affairs of another country and yet, at the same time, Jews want to impress us that they are not acting in some “conspiratorial manner”.

Jewish actions like this are beyond absurd.

This issue, which was further touched on in a discussion with Zezorro, from, filled out a very entertaining/inspirational show.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 7.15.17

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