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Soros and “Regime Change”, TWIBNation and Black Violence, and Guest – Zezorro – ITEL Radio – 11.21.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday for Saturday, November 21, 2015, looked at the how NGO’s are used to influence political discourse domestically (USA) and internationally in what is tantamount to US State Department meddling in internal affairs “via proxy” or “outsourcing”. The show then looked at how this strategy is used to create political realities and “regime change” in the United States. It was followed on with how “domestic NGO’s”, or non-profits, are used to support radicalized media. The show finished with an insightful interview on Eastern European geopolitics with political analyst and blogger, Zezorro, from

Words and the Framing of Reality

Word on keyboard made in 3D

Word on keyboard made in 3D

We began the show with an insight into “words” and the manner in which words frame and create realities. In this regard, there is a very strong effort being made by Establishment media outlets to control the message. In this way, artificial realities can be projected into the material sphere and for those whom such messages have their appeal, the realities are “created” and established.

This, in turn, creates political constituencies and realities that by design either support or are pliable to Establishment political and social agendas.

Power is projected through two mediums: the pen and sword. Each of these Crafts has its role in the establishment of human society. Each Craft works as if within a pendulum, swinging this way or that way, from bringing society down to supporting efforts to raise society up. Both Crafts are not, necessarily, working in tandem. However, in the current day, we can see that military (sword) and press (pen) largely work in tandem, especially.

But these Crafts, also, are not monolithic.

Counter-balancing forces always exist and may operate within the Establishment, but often work outside the Establishment. Politically, this is known as “the Opposition”. In order for the Establishment to project its influence into “the Opposition” it often uses a series of NGO’s or “non-profits” that fund and support alternative media and other social engineering efforts that appear to be “opposition”, but in reality are “controlled opposition”.

We examined the largest funding source of these types of operations: George Soros and his Open Society Institute.

George Soros and the Open Society Institute

The idea of “spreading democracy” is really more about “buying democracy”, and none leads the way this than the Jewish oligarch, George Soros. Through George Soros “Open Society Institute”, Soros projects immense power into the political process.

To understand the total scope of George Soros political activities, one can visit the site Discover the Networks. Here you will find a massive list of George Soros funded non-profits that engage in everything from open borders, pro-immigration advocacy, to training left wing radical journalists.

Human Rights Watch, an organization that always seems to find in favor of US State Department strategies, receives over US$10 million per year as part of a total US$100 million grant.

On an international scale, what we find is that Soros’s activities are tantamount to outsourcing “regime change” political organization, thus relieving the US State Department from direct involvement in political activities that can be construed as “interference in the internal politics” of another Nation-State.

Directly at home (USA), Soros’s activities is tantamount to buying the American political environment. Nearly all of Soros’s activities appear to dovetail into larger “globalist, Jewish” political agendas which can only be viewed as being harmful to the current existing state of Nations, especially as these efforts pertain to immigration policies and general attacks on White national identities.

TWIBNation – An Extension of Jewish Power Politics

It all comes back to controlling messages and narratives. There is opposition. And there is controlled opposition. One such controlled opposition is This Week in Blackness, hosted by a what appears to be a thug in comedian drag by the name of Elon James White.

Elon James White is married to a Jewess, has links to known Jewish-centric public relations firms, is an advocate for the recent rise of the militant “Black Lives Matter” movement in America. His primary programming revolves around “black victimhood”. He actively promotes White genocide through promotion of miscegenation, and downplays or scoffs and mocks at the idea that black on White violence is a problem.

He is also involved in helping to train and radicalize left wing journalists through the non-profit organization “Netroots”, an organization that has been headlined by many pro-Israel or Israel-first politicians.

Past conferences have featured appearances by Vice President Joe Biden and President Bill Clinton; a Presidential Leadership Forum that drew seven Democratic candidates including then-Senator Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; a surprise visit from Al Gore; interactive Q&A sessions with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid; and a chance to hear from three Nobel laureates. – Netroots Nation Site

Inside the Eye – Live! delved into the fleeting “Twitter war” between Elon James White and “The Fetch”.

Guest – Zezorro – East European Geopolitics and Projection of Russian Power

screenshot 2015-09-14 15.32.50

In hour number 3, Inside the Eye – Live! was joined by Zezorro from to discuss the latest developments in Eastern Europe and Russia.

We began with a brief discussion about Poland and Eastern Europe, whereby Zezorro states that Poland has moved into a war footing with Russia and is defacto at war with Russia. We then discussed Ukraine’s IMF debt problems and Russia’s outstanding US$3 billion loan to Ukraine and the pending implosion of the Ukrainian state.

We then looked at Russia’s involvement in Syria and some of the more hidden realities behind Russian-French collaboration in Syria following “the Paris Terror Attacks”.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 4.21.15