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Sponsorship and Donations

Show Sponsorships

Support Inside the Eye – Live! by sponsoring the show! It is a fun way to support the show.  There are two segments available:  “The ITEL Cat Report” and “The Oy Vey Moment”.   

The ITEL Cat Report

The ITEL Cat Report is currently sponsored by N. Cackilacki Trading Posts and Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club.  The sponsorship runs through the end of 2017.

To inquire about future availability of this segment, contact “”.

The Oy Vey Moment!

The Oy Vey Moment! is currently sponsored by Radio Wehrwolf and  The sponsorship runs through Sept. 16, 2017.

To inquire about future availability of this segment, contact “”.

ITEL Diplomat Club

Subscribe to the ITEL “Diplomat Club” and help keep ITEL Radio a quality alternative to Jewish dominated news and op-ed information sources.  Monthly or annual subscriptions.

Attaché Sponsorship

Monthly: US$1.00

Annual: US$10.00  

Consular Sponsorship

Monthly: US$3.00 

Annual: US$30.00

3rd Secretary Sponsorship

Monthly: US$4.00

Annual: US$40.00

2nd Secretary Sponsorship

Monthly: US$5.00 

Annual: US$50.00 

1st Secretary Sponsorship

Monthly: US$6.00

Annual: US$60.00

Chargé d’Affaires Sponsorship

Monthly: US$10.00

Annual: US$100.00

Special Envoy Sponsorship

Monthly: US$15.00

Annual: US$150.00

Ambassador Sponsorship

Monthly: US$25.00

Annual: US$250.00

Details:  All sponsorships include on-air recognition.  

Pvt. Sponsorships

Your sponsorship and donations help keep intelligent media for the politically aware a quality produced alternative to Jewish controlled news and op-ed information sources.