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Spotlighting ITEL ME Coverage to Alt-Right Media + Tom Goodrich – ITEL Radio – 12.2.17

With Michael “Tom” Goodrich guest appearing for hours 2 and 3 of Saturday’s 12.2.17 Inside the Eye – Live!, the Fetch spent part of the first hour highlighting the fact that Inside the Eye – Live! listeners are being provided with far superior and insightful information that is being provided by Alt-Right media outlets as Red Ice TV and Counter-Currents through their promotion of Patrick Le Brun, a contributor to Counter-Currents.

Hours 2 and 3 were filled with an extended interview with Michael “Tom” Goodrich, best known for his book “Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi German, 1944-1947”.

Evolving Mis-Information or Naive Presentations from the “Alt-Right”

Image from Red Ice TV- “What’s really happening in Saudi Arabia” with Patrick Le Brun

As a general rule, the idea that “so long as someone is moving the ball forward” then we can tolerate their imperfections or even hostile overall agenda” is something that I have sought to follow. After all, we live in a world where Jewish media domination suffocates the desires and aspirations of so many Nationalist elements across the Western world. Consequently, in an effort to keep messages in the public eye, it is sometimes necessary to work with elements that perhaps one would not like to work with.

In other times, those whom we have loose alliances and sympathies with to, from time to time, disagree with what we might believe to be the best strategy to move the ball forward. After all, if we are loosely on the same team, it might make sense to co-ordinate, from time to time, prevailing messages.

In practice, however, this rarely if ever happens as most of us producing and disseminating information remain largely committed to our own “franchises”. Further still, individuals within our extended networks will raise issues upon which we disagree. As a general rule, this is not such a big issue.

But what if the information being presented is false, or perhaps willfully or naively misleading such that the information is doing a very real disservice to our larger extended audience? Such was the case recently as it was learned that a “Patrick Le Brun” was being tasked and promoted as being some kind of “expert” on the internal workings of Saudi Arabia and the greater Middle East.

As someone who has spent extended periods inside Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years, who has spent the last decade in the Middle East, certainly there are few more qualified and able to discuss issues within this region. Instead, our extended audience is being fed exceptionally speculative or inaccurate. Is this really serving our extended audience well?

A short discussion in the first hour of this show ignited a firestorm of comments on this show over at Grizzom’s.

Quite a lot of Middle East discussion in this show as Michael “Tom” Goodrich used much of his time to ask questions and try to come to understand better some of the evolving complexities in Saudi Arabia and the greater Middle East.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.2.17