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St. Patrick’s Day Show – ITEL – 3.17.18

Irish music graced Inside the Eye – Live’s! St. Patrick’s Day special as the show continued on with exposing the irrational absurdity of Western security forces as they continue to sell out their own nations in favor of enabling a hostile and often criminal migrant community within Western nations even as every other nation works often over time to secure their borders and maintain rational immigration policies.

The inability of Western nation’s security forces (police and intelligence) to secure their own lands on behalf of their own people points to a reality that Western governments have turned treasonous to the people of Western civilization.

Grooming gangs in the U.K., where largely Pakistani gangs target and groom native British girls and groom them for prostitution and sexual abuse, is covered up and often aided and abetted by the largely globalist/Jewish controlled governments.  Spreading no go zones and violent assaults on the public and public property by hostile migrants is an ever observed phenomena as governments and their police force “stand down”.

On the international scale, we see excessive lobbying by organized Jewish groups demanding subservience of American military might to the Jewish state, even as laws are in place that prevent any support for a nation that has not signed on to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, making any and all support for Israel essentially a violation of United States Federal Law.

At nearly every turn, the picture grows that Jewish run governments are rogue, both on domestic and international scales.

As always, 3 hours of entertaining, hard hitting radio as only The Fetch can do!

ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.17.18


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