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Stan Hess, European American Civil Rights – ITEL – 6.9.18

Stan Hess, a long time activists for European American civil rights, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 9, 2018.  Aside from being a long time European American civil rights activist, Stan can also be found behind the mic as a co-host of the new radio show, “(Re)Moving the Goal Posts”, which airs/streams on The Right Stuff (TRS).

Stan Hess is known as authoring what is perhaps the only European American Heritage recognition resolution in the United States when his resolution was passed unanimously by the California legislature in 1999.

The majority of the discussion revolved around civil rights issues for European Americans and building on success of existing revolts against the Jewish establishment.  Stan’s coining of the phrase “mancott” to describe the ongoing protest against the National Football League and the ongoing “Me Too Movement”, wherein largely White females are speaking out about Jewish sexual deviancy in business relationships were two such examples noted.

On the activist front, Stan, a former “Trotskyite” activist, spoke about the need to keep civil rights activity simple: copy what has been successful, and keep talking points within close proximity of ongoing Jewish efforts used in their media.

Quite a bit wrapped into this interview.  You can hear it in its entirety here.

ITEL Radio Interview – Stan Hess – 6.9.18

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