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Sukkot as Jewish Political Philosophy – ITEL Radio – 10.7.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, October 7, 2017, provided a brief commentary on the folly of chasing false flag events like the recent “Las Vegas” shootings.  Hour 2 followed with some commentary on the Jewish “religious” ideal known as “Sukkot” and then closed with some extensive discussion about the manner in which Jewish “pompousity” becomes expressed through Jewish controlled media outlets.

An entertaining, fast paced show.

Morons and the Media – The Folly of Chasing Media Events

What has become obvious within America politics is that “government”, whatever that term may apply to, and the Jewish owned “corporate”, or legacy” media, are working in collusion to stage “terror events” to advance who knows what.  The American news cycle, by and large, appears to have been reduced to staged media events being sold as actual evolving native events, followed by the use of social media to spread as rapidly as possible “spun off stories” in support of the staged media event, followed shortly thereafter with a barrage of independent analysis and deconstruction of the staged media which is then spread far and wide through social media networks, all of which is followed by rapid attempts by Jewish media to “bury the story” while equally seeking to provide a veneer of credibility to the story by parading a plethora of “official spokesmen” before cameras to try to sell the original story.

In the end, Jewish media looks like a collaborative group of morons working hip to hip with “government” to pass off stories that are so insanely irrational that only the most gullible of citizens would bother to give the original scripted stories any credence.

The need to remove emotional involvement in these clear media fabrications was discussed with the intent to deny the stories “emotional energy”, rendering the stories largely impotent while those engaged in deconstructing these events are able to put together a rational representation of the full story independent of Jewish fake news outlets.

Sukkot as Jewish Political Philosophy

  The Jewish “religious” idea known as “sukkot” can quite easily double as one of the primary motivations or inspirations behind Jewish political philosophy.  Sukkot (and its parallel “succos”) is the idea of returning all things to a barren desert from which “the god of the Jews” may be contemplated and reflected upon.  Succos, its parallel, is the idea of reducing all humanity to a least common denominator.

Hence in each of these ideals, we can find corrosive and corrupting Jewish influence in Western civilization as Jewish interests are advanced and the body and soul of the West becomes reduced to a rotting hulk of its former self.  Through the use of “mass immigration”, deliberate media obfuscations, drugged, propagandized, and dumbed down education systems, the best and brightest of the West is being reduced to frightening reduced levels of intellectual capacity and reason such that self determination and self governance has become a Western ideal of the past.

Sukkot as a Jewish political philosophy introduces the ideal that the West will be reduced to a barren, infertile, non-productive desert from which Jews will be able to “contemplate” their god in all its destructive “glory”.

As always, quite a bit in this show.  You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show – 10.7.17

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