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Syrian War Drums – ITEL PT – 4.12.18

Constant calls for a war on Syria by Jews in the UK and US featured early in Inside the Eye – Live!, 4.12.18. Listener calls discussing donations, Jews, the indictment of Missouri’s Jewish governor, and electronic harassment filled in an entertaining listener participation second hour.  International Holocaust Remembrance day, the day where Jews are supposed to remember and remind humanity of the massive number of genocides committed by Jews against humanity, also entered the discussion.

Syrian War Drums – US War Crimes and Russian Response

The recent fake news “Douma Gas Attack” has seen a parade of Jewish pundits calling for war on Syria even as the United States is currently involved in war crimes through the US involvement in the occupation of Syrian territory.  The ability of Syrian air defenses to catch up to 5 of 8 missiles fired by Israel from Lebanese territory were shot down, proving that Syria’s air defense capabilities have greatly improved.

However, in a poll conducted by Wikileaks, with over 16K votes, the vote was running 82% against military engagement with Syria.

The world awaits.

Lots of listener calls closed out the final hour.  You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! -4.12.18