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Trump’s NATO Tour – ITEL PT – 7.12.18

POTUS Trump’s excursion to Europe to meet with heads of state at the NATO summit featured as the lead story for Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, July 12, 2018.  Merkel’s appearance in the spring about her “remorse” about Germany not being able to “combat antisemitism”.  The 2018 FIFA World Cup as an expression of multiculturalism closed out the show. As POTUS Trump through his weight and the weight of the United States around the room at the NATO Summit, demanding that Europe pay more for itsRead More

Missing the Story – Alison Chabloz, Tommy Robinson and “Free Speech”

On the day that former English Defense League, Neocon Shiller Foundation Fellow Tommy Robinson was being arrested for violation of Britain’s strict laws regarding court proceeding reporting, an even more ominous chill swept through the land of England: Alison Chabloz, an entertainer and British Nationalist, was found “guilty” of “offending Jews”. Mind you. No one is siding with British “authorities” here.  The reputation of current British police and court establishments is that they are hyper friendly to the Jehovian (Satanic) world of pedophilia and worse, appear to be stooges whoRead More

Doing Evil – Google Employees Protest Project Maven – ITEL – 4.7.18

Google’s collaboration with the US Department of Defense under contracts initiated through Project Maven, wherein Google is developing AI technology to aid surveillance drones to identify and track targets, has been met with a mass protest against the company from over 3000 Google employees.   The ongoing efforts by Jews to promote the ongoing illegal invasion and occupation of Syria by the United States was also discussed, as well as the ongoing protests by citizens of Gaza in what is being termed “The Great Return March”. All this and more, plusRead More